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What’s in a DateBox Club Date Night?

This is the number 1 question from our customers (before they sign up)  – everyone wants to know what’s in a DateBox?

Part of the fun & excitement is the anticipation, and not knowing what’s in the box. Couples that sign up for our DateBox Club subscription are setting aside intentional time to spend together. We take our part very seriously, knowing we’re a big piece of that commitment. Our DateBoxes are planned out months in advance, and tested over and over before they get to you.

Our “secret sauce” isn’t the individual items in the box, but the connection part of the date. This can range from a game to an activity or a DIY. Our instruction card walks you through the entire date, and every element is tied in. We won’t send a bunch of random items, and expect you to pull them into a meaningful date. Plus, we change it up every month – just to keep you surprised! It’s all designed to maximize your time together, and bring you closer together.

We’re avid travelers, and lots of our inspiration comes from our explorations. We love to include local treasures, and unique items from afar – weaving them into our DateBoxes.

Here is a small sampling of some of our past date nights:


November 2016 >> Great 2 player games are hard to find, but we found one and built our November “Bluff or Blush” box around it! Our friends at Blue Orange Games sent us a sample of the game, and we LOVED IT! Our members got the game before it hit the shelves on Amazon. We’ve paired this “Bluff” game with our own “Would you Rather” connector card (there’s the Blush). We also included some snazzy thermal mugs, along with hot cider and a Spotify playlist curated for the date.dateboxclub_dayofthedead

October 2016 >> Day of the Dead: We were inspired to bring an adult version of Halloween spirit to our members. The box contained everything needed to face paint each other. This engaged couples to test their trust limits and enjoy the touch of their partner. We also included a connection piece that honored their history & explored their past. Full instructions, paints, stencils, streaming playlist, candy corn snacks & a hand poured harvest candle were included. Needless to say, we received loads of social media posts from some very well decorated couples!


June 2016 >> Patriotic Box – Flag Mason Jars To celebrate Memorial Day & Independence Day, our June box included all the items to make some very cool mason jar lanterns & play our fast paced “4Play” game. We included a patriotic version, which is a favorite game of our subscribers.


April 2016 >> Our throwback to game night was brimming with fun! We included one of our favorite 2 player games – YAMSLAM! Imagine Yahtzee and poker had a baby – that would be Yamslam. We also included a table card of throwback questions to jump into each other’s yester-years. Plus, in our opinion…. who wants to play a game without some serious stakes for the winner and loser? We included some pretty cool love tokens for winners, and a Bean Boozled challenge for the losers. Complete the date with some popcorn flavored jelly beans and you’re set! Want to do your own game night? Click here to see a complete list of our favorite 2 player games. You can see an unboxing and the date night here, with two of our favorite YouTubers Shaylee & David: http://bit.ly/1OUtziW


Our ‘Take -Me – Out” box was themed around a Chinese take-out date. It included a game that taught you basic chop-stick skills, then challenged you to make a tower together. We also included the NY Times best-seller “36 Questions to Make you Fall in Love” to engage you in deep conversation. To lighten it up, we included 3 asian snacks, sourced from our own Chinatown in Oakland. We topped it off with freshly made fortune cookies, in lemon, chocolate and regular. This was a complete dinner date with some great conversation!

dateboxclub_whatsinthebox_02Our Gratitude Box was a complete journey down memory lane with your partner. The date included everything to make and frame your own gratitude tree. Our frames were made for us out of reclaimed barn wood from an artist in Oklahoma. We even included a memory tree to plant in your yard. This date night was a little crafty, and a DBC favorite!dateboxclub_whatsinthebox_03

Your goals never looked like this! This date night box featured the Chinese prosperity pig, and leveraged the tradition of wishes and dreams. We also included some very chic stemless champagne flutes, and a super fun guide to becoming a cooler couple! Those matches were for the “learn a party trick step”. We were happily flooded with positive feedback!

Try us out, you won’t regret it! Plus if you’re not satisfied, canceling is super easy. We love what we do, and hope to see you in the Club!



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