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Thank You DateBox Club

After 5 years, you're still surprising us!
It's like Christmas every month.
Jo and Frank, Dallas Texas

Who Knew we could paint?

We're not artistic at all, but our paint night came out GREAT!
Thanks for making me look like I did some serious planning.
Michael, Tampa, FL

hot ones was the bomb

Hot Ones is our favorite couples show
the questions and the sauces kept getting hotter
Derek & Amelia, San Jose, CA

Loved The Eight Dates Book

We took the Eight Dates book on vacation and felt like we
got our own personal marriage retreat.
Ken and Angie, Pembroke, VA

We love the GAME NIGHTs

Truth or Dare Jenga was hysterical.
We get super competitive to win the love tokens.
Carla and Vince, Salt Lake City, Utah

The themes are fresh

Everything ties together for a complete evening.
We also love how clever the question decks are.
Cindy and Luke, Boulder, CO

Everything is unique

You can't get these products anywhere else, it's always
something special when you open the box. It never disappoints.
Ken and Angie, Pembroke, VA

this book is amazing

I cried when we exchanged our books. My husband told
me things I will cherish forever. I can't thank you enough.
Clarissa, Youngstown, OH

Take a Peek Inside Our Recent Boxes

Our Masterpiece

Paint Night DIY

You'll feel your creative juices flowing as soon as you unbox our custom art kit! Packed with paints, art boards and everything needed to create your own masterpiece or a tape painting - the possibilities are endless! Let the glitter fly as you deep dive into a closer connection to create a stronger future.

Truth or Dare

Jenga Party

Ramp up some Jenga fun with our Truth or Dare version! You’ll be blushing, laughing and of course connecting during this competitive tell all date night. Our custom game can even be a fun double date night. We’re also including our love note challenge, with washable hearts, and of course more goodies to complete your date night.

Our Love story

Love Journal

Our sweet and salty box packs all the love, and a little bit of spice! We’ve paired something sweet: our Love Journal & cotton candy, with something salty: the fast paced Rally Roll game, with a truth or dare twist. This is one ambitious date night, and you may even want to split it into a few date nights - it’s simply that big and awesome!

It's Our Time

Time Capsule

You’ve created so many memories together, and have so much to look forward to. Our exclusive Time Capsule will be a treasured activity for now and the future. We’ve also included our 52 Week Challenge that will create a stronger couples bond week by week for all of 2022. This box will start your 2022 off with a bang!

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