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Select month to month so it's easy to cancel or pause any time. Save money and subscribe for 3, 6 or 12 months, or go for our monthly digital date offering. Shipping is FREE.

Your DateBox will ship within 7 days of your first order. You'll receive a confirmation email with tracking info, so you can plan your special date night. If you need a DateBox sooner, just let us know.

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What's In the Box?

Everything you need for an amazing date night. We curate every DateBox, include all the elements to execute it perfectly, including step by step instructions. Our dates are themed to get the most out of your evening. The dates are designed to help couples do something new & fun together, and most importantly connect. 

Simply open & enjoy.

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Wrap up some love for the new couple

Love and connection is a foundation for their new life. Date night is at the top of every couple's list - so let us do the work!

Each month a beautifully packaged, creative date night will arrive for the newlyweds. Check out our wedding shop for the great packages we've put together. DateBox Club makes a great shower gift as well.

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Couples today are busier than ever, and spending less quality time together. DateBox Club brings a high quality, creative date night right to your door. No kidding, you open the box and – voila! 

We are the original date night experts. Every box has been created, tested and curated by our team. We pack a lot of romance experience in every DateBox!

Thank You DateBox Club

After 5 years, you're still surprising us!
It's like Christmas every month.
Jo and Frank, Dallas Texas

Who Knew we could paint?

We're not artistic at all, but our paint night came out GREAT!
Thanks for making me look like I did some serious planning.
Michael, Tampa, FL

hot ones was the bomb

Hot Ones is our favorite couples show
the questions and the sauces kept getting hotter
Derek & Amelia, San Jose, CA

Loved The Eight Dates Book

We took the Eight Dates book on vacation and felt like we
got our own personal marriage retreat.
Ken and Angie, Pembroke, VA

We love the GAME NIGHTs

Truth or Dare Jenga was hysterical.
We get super competitive to win the love tokens.
Carla and Vince, Salt Lake City, Utah

The themes are fresh

Everything ties together for a complete evening.
We also love how clever the question decks are.
Cindy and Luke, Boulder, CO

Everything is unique

You can't get these products anywhere else, it's always
something special when you open the box. It never disappoints.
Ken and Angie, Pembroke, VA

this book is amazing

I cried when we exchanged our books. My husband told
me things I will cherish forever. I can't thank you enough.
Clarissa, Youngstown, OH

Take a Peek Inside Our Recent Boxes

It's Our Time

Time Capsule

You’ve created so many memories together, and have so much to look forward to. Our exclusive Time Capsule will be a treasured activity for now and the future. We’ve also included our 52 Week Challenge that will create a stronger couples bond week by week for all of 2022. This box will start your 2022 off with a bang!

Tango Together

Holiday Tangrams and Caroling

We simply love December, and this box packs in all the holiday cheer! We’ve put our own racing spin on our custom Tangram game, including a holiday puzzle deck. You’ll be rewarded with kiss tokens, and adorable Rolo Reindeer while you play our exclusive Caroling Charades, which is a great double date game as well. 

Cross Clues

Games and Connection

This month we're celebrating date night in two ways - a great game and our Groovy Connection Deck. You'll love our couples' spin that includes love tokens! Our Groovy Deck will keep you engaged in some far our conversations - and is a great "on the go" companion.

Spooky Fall Fun

Paint Night DIY

You'll feel your creative juices flowing as soon as you unbox our custom art kit! Packed with stencils and art boards to create your own sugar skulls, pumpkins or a tape painting - the possibilities are endless! Let the glitter fly as you deep dive into your past together to create a stronger future.

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