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Hello 2022!

Vision boards, also sometimes called dream or manifestation boards, treasure maps, or life collages, are a fun and creative way for couples to get clear on their goals and have a visual reminder of these goals. Plus, it’s just plain fun to get messy, and dream together with a fun DIY.

Why Create a Vision Board as a Couple?

Vision boards are nothing new. Most entrepreneurs have been doing them for years, so why not create one for your relationship? Usually, people create vision boards at the end or beginning of the year and link them to New Year’s Resolutions. But a vision board for a couple is different than a vision board for an individual. You can also create vision boards near your anniversary or Valentine’s Day, which are often more meaningful and heart-centered.

There are two parts to your vision board: the creative part and the communication part. The most important part is the communication part, which starts before the creating starts and continues throughout the creative process.

You’ve heard the “Just Do It” motto – but how, exactly, do you do this?

  • Decide if you each want to create your own boards, or work on one together 
  • Determine the type of vision board or focus that you want to create. Are you interested in focusing on feelings, inspirations, or themes? Will you zero in on just one topic, or, do you focus on several topics, such as income goals, a place you’d like to move, special places you’d like to take your kids, etc.? 
  • If you’ve decided on a topics approach, determine if you’re going to take a “me-and-he” approach or a “we” approach. 
  • A “me-and-he” approach means that you pick out a topic and you both post whatever you want in that topic. For example, let’s say you have four topics picked out. You divide your board into quadrants and you each post something inside the space for each topic. 
  • A “we” approach means that you look though the magazines together, and both of you agree what pictures to put on the vision board. 

Time to get Creative!

This is the creative part where you cut out meaningful pictures and place them on a poster board. Start by setting the environment. Play some music, light a candle, pray, have a cup of tea or a glass of wine, or meditate. Before you start creating, gather your supplies.

Supplies Needed:

  • Large poster or foam board: colored or non-colored is fine. There is no wrong or right color. 
  • For a shared couples’ vision board, you’ll want a large poster board to work with. You’ll need plenty of room for input from both of you.
  • Scissors (crafting scissors with different shapes can be fun, too).
  • Magazines. You can cut them up neatly or tear the pages out to get a jagged, earthy look.
  • Pick a wide variety of magazine types. To get a bunch of free ones, ask the local library. Your doctor’s or dentist’s offices typically have older ones that they’re willing to part with, too. Ask your friends. A lot of people would love to re-home them and get rid of clutter.
  • Colorful markers or colored pencils.
  • Glue stick or rubber cement. Avoid liquid glue: it wrinkles the materials.
  • Double-sided tape for corners and heavier objects works.
Optional Items:
  • Photos, maps, or other items.
  • Consider accessories like paper money, glitter, ribbon, buttons, stickers, scrapbooking embellishments, mementos, and trinkets.

Let the flipping and ripping begin! Flip through magazines and rip out phrases, quotes, images, and words that inspire you. Set them aside in a pile. Don’t start gluing yet!

Now that you have a pile of potentials, go through the pile and narrow and weed them. Only the ones that truly speak to you should make the cut and go into the keeper’s pile.

Now you’re ready to arrange them on your board. Lay them out where you think they should go. They may have regions or themes, or you may have decided on randomness. At this point, you can also add photos if desired.

Once you have images selected and arranged, it’s time to affix them to your poster board.

Again, only pick items that truly speak to you, motivate you, and inspire you. Do not worry about filling up the “white” space. Remember, sometimes less is more. This is where you can add in decorations and fillers like plastic coins, glitter, and plastic jewels. There are no set rules to creating the most powerful vision board for you and your partner. Using a combination of words, pictures, and other meaningful items, create a vision board that inspires, reminds, and motivates you both.

Put it where you can see it

The last step is to display your completed vision board. Display it in a prominent place where you both can be inspired and reminded of your joint goals and wishes.

Creating a couple’s vision board can be a lot of fun, but it can have life-changing elements, too. When we prepare our minds to truly receive the love and life that we’re hoping for, we start expecting and looking for opportunities on autopilot. A lot of times, we don’t even realize that we’re taking exactly the steps we need to take to manifest our goodness.

Building a vision board is a way of aligning yourselves as a couple, and letting that shared energy work some “magic” in your life.

Looking for a quicker Process?

Are there too many hurdles here for gathering items, and the whole DIY thing? Maybe you’re a bit more tech forward? No worries - we have you covered as well. With the ease of digital uploads, and some free quotes, you can create a beautiful poster online and have it delivered. The people over at Persnickity Prints have a great template for a beautiful finished piece. Jump on over here to see/use it.

Enjoy the creativity and have fun together!

Join thousands of happy couples every month that are building on their relationships one date night at a time.

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