Discover each other all over again!

Your relationship is evolving and growing every day. Make sure it's headed in the right direction with our Date Night Discovery workshop. Just like your business, you need to invest time to nurture and build your most important relationship. 

This is a night out to gift yourselves.

Using the Gottman "Seven Principles" as our guide, we'll leverage their science backed research to bullet-proof your relationship! This 2 hour session is packed with laughter, deep connections, and will set your hearts into a pitter-patter before you know it. If you're already in a great place, this will top off your love tank. If you could use a little boost, this is just the fuel you'll need to set things on track.

Designed to be Fun & Interactive

The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work has sold over 1 million copies, and is the gold standard for healthy relationships. You'll get all the best parts of the book in an entertaining, fast paced format. We deliver bite sized content through storytelling, demonstrations, and fun one-on-one activities. We've designed this to feel like a great date night, and to spark new connections.

Loaded with Takeaway

Foster deeper respect, affection and closeness towards each other

Communicate more effectively with your partner

Learn the secrets to solving conflict

Strengthen and maintain the good things in your relationship

Deepen intimacy and build trust

Create a shared vision for yourselves

If you already have a strong relationship, this session will provide you with insights and tools to make it even better.

If your relationship is in a rutt, this session will provide the roadmap to repair. 

Led by Mike and Maureen Birdsall

Mike and Maureen have been married for 35 years, and launched 4 companies together.

They have dedicated themselves to helping couples connect in creative ways through their subscription box business DateBox Club. Their sessions are fun and entertaining, filled with storytelling, and plenty of time for connections and one-on-one discovery.

Maureen is a Gottman Certified Workshop Leader.

What to Expect

2 hour discovery session, covering the Gottman 7 Principles of Marriage book.

Mini bite-sized talks with examples, storytelling, and private workbook activity time. Workbook included for each person.

Each couple will be gifted a date night activity.

There is no public "sharing" for couples. This is an intimate setting, and each couple will be their own pod.

Inclusive of all types of committed couples: newlyweds, empty nesters, same sex, long time daters. Not appropriate for singles, or couples in major distress.

Questions & Booking: Contact Us


The 2 hour session is a $300 investment per couple. Minimum of 5 couples.

Travel expenses for Mike & Maureen. If flying internationally, we request business class.

Equipment: Projector, screen & microphone (pref. lavalier)

Room: Ideally, small tables for 2. Alternative for larger groups: school style setup, with a minimum of 1 full chair space between couples. We need each couple to feel they are in a private space so that they can speak intimately.

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  • We loved it!

    We weren't sure what to expect, and the whole evening blew us away. This is a perfect date night for any couple.


  • Lots of Fun

    Mike and Maureen were really funny, and it was all so relatable. After 30 years together, we still have things to learn. The Survival Game was our favorite part.


  • Everyone Should Do This

    We enjoyed every minute of this. Even though it's technically a workshop, it was so much more than that. We'd be up for doing a full day workshop with Mike and Maureen.


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