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What's in a DateBox Club Date Night?

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This is the number 1 question from our customers (before they sign up) - everyone wants to know what's in a DateBox?

Part of the fun & excitement is the anticipation, and not knowing what's in the box. Couples that sign up for our DateBox Club subscription are setting aside intentional time to spend together. We take our part very seriously, knowing we're a big piece of that commitment. Our DateBoxes are planned out months in advance, and tested over and over before they get to you. Our "secret sauce" isn't the individual items in the box, but the connection part of the date. This can range from a game to an activity or a DIY. Our instruction card walks you through the entire date, and every element is tied in. We won't send a bunch of random items, and expect you to pull them into a meaningful date. Plus, we change it up every month - just to keep you surprised! It's all designed to maximize your time together, and bring you closer together. We've made some of our "Club Favorites" available on Amazon Prime, so you can test us out. We're avid travelers, and lots of our inspiration comes from our explorations. We love to include local treasures, and unique items from afar - weaving them into our DateBoxes.

We've shipped over 50,000 DateBoxes, so we know what we're doing! Take a quick peek into some past boxes here:


We Love to Create a Cool DIY Project

Our String Art box included everything needed to complete two beautiful display pieces. The step by step instructions made the creation easy, and our "What Would I Be" game connected couples to keep the conversation lively. We included 8 patterns to choose from, plus enough supplies to complete more projects later on if desired. We heard from hundreds of happy creative couples after we sent this out.


The 3 Year Journal and Our Custom Game

Our New Years Eve Box was designed to help couples celebrate the new year in a meaningful way. We included a special edition of the "One Question a Day for You and Me" book that asks couples a simple question every day. Track your answers over 3 years for a cool time capsule that you create together! We also included a cookie decorating kit with all the fun fixings. To add a dash of fun, there were custom pick-up sticks with our special connector twist called "Pick Me Up".


Game Night and Snacks

We love a great game, and Q-bitz did not disappoint. It’s easy to play, and very addicting. We love the neat packable tin, and the easy scoring - no complicated rules to memorize. Of course, we sprinkled in some of our own date night magic along the way. We included all the fixings for Nutella “Fairy Sticks”, a yummy treat. Our “Questions From the Heart” deck was designed to play alongside Q-bitz to add a special layer of connection.


Face Painting & Pepitas

Our October date night was themed around Dia de los Muertos—the Day of the Dead. Do you trust your partner to paint your face? Face painting is a really fun & sensual experience to share together. Full photo instruction cards were included, along with our custom face paints and all the ingredients to make roasted pepitas. Our “Loving Life” question cards had couples deep-diving into their past together.


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