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About Us

Couples today are busier than ever, and spending less quality time together. DateBox Club brings a high quality, creative date night right to your door. No kidding, you open the box and – voila! All you need are two people looking forward to spending some fun, quality time together. 



No need to pay a sitter or valet when you’re with DateBox Club--you’ll likely save money with our date nights-in. A monthly subscription is just $35/month. So skip the sitter and the hassle! Our dates are cheaper than your basic ‘dinner and a movie’ date and they’re WAY more fun.



Everything you need for your perfect date is included in the box! No running to the store or extra effort on your end. We give you all the elements and instructions to execute it perfectly.



Our team crafts awesome, one-of-a-kind dates that will have you laughing, connecting, and communicating in totally new ways each month. Our boxes are always themed and revolve around things like a DIY project, a game, cooking activity, or a fun couple’s challenge. Plus, we’ll often include a thoughtful gift, delicious treats, communication exercises, or whatever else we decide to surprise you with that month!



If you try us and decide we’re not your thing, no worries. It’s super easy to cancel!



We’ve all said it… “I don’t know, what do you want to do tonight?" It’s easy to get lost in the balancing act of full-time jobs, raising kids, and running a household. The last thing you have time for is planning a super creative date. We get it. That’s why we’ve given you the best of both worlds. A date that’s both creative AND convenient.



All our dates are vetted and tested so that they’re perfect by the time they get to you. It’s a new surprise at your door every month. So open up, enjoy, and welcome to DateBox Club!