10 Free Date Night Ideas

10 Free Date Night Ideas

Here are our favorite FREE date night ideas.  Pick one and pick a date, then go date together. Then next week or month, pick another one!

  • Volunteer somewhere; a pet shelter or at a food bank. You'll learn a lot and learn a lot about each other
  • Eat Samples at a Food Market. Don't be shy, try
  • Download a favorite old movie and pop some popcorn. Users choice on how you define "old."
  • Buy a Tarot card deck and read each others' fortune. Learn it and see what it tells you.
  • Download a Karaoke App and pick the song for your partner. You decide if you will allow posting to TikTok.
  • Share embarrassing photos. Come on you know you have them. Agree on the rules so nothing embarrasses your mom too much
  • Go on a scenic landmark crawl. There's something cool in every city
  • Do Geocaching. You can find it.
  • Make it a Spa Day and give each other massages. Warm the room up and add a few candles.
  • Pull out an old board game and do game night. Monopoly anyone?

Have any that you love to do? Share them on our Instagram page for others to enjoy.

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