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10 Road Trip Games for Couples

This month’s Date Box takes couples on a road trip across the good old USA! Nothing makes the miles fly by like an excellent playlist, or some good old fashioned road trip games. Ours are updated for “adults” but you can adjust them to be more family friendly if needed.

1) The Casserole Game

One passenger starts by saying, “I’m making a casserole and I’m going to need artichokes.” Each passenger takes a turn reciting the previous ingredients and then choosing the next one, which must start with the next letter in the alphabet. See if you can get all the way to the letter Z. You can change up the casserole part to anything from people’s names to packing a suitcase.

2) Who Are They?

Choose another car on the road and imagine the story of the passengers inside. Who are they? What is their relationship? Are they a group of spies, headed to thwart an international villain? Get creative and share your stories.

3) Spicy Storytelling

Get the creative juices flowing by creating a story together. The game starts by creating the first line of the story. You can start with a simple “Once upon a time, there lived a princess” or come up with something more unconventional like, “There was an empty stool in a bar.” Next, your partner adds a line, and the story builds and builds. Depending on your story telling stamina, you could go on for a few minutes or a few hours. We like to add the sexy side to this back and forth game.

4) Odd Color Car

At the beginning of the trip, each passenger chooses an odd or rare-colored car (yellow, purple, orange, pink, etc.). During the drive, passengers get a point for spotting cars of their chosen color. Alternate idea: passengers can steal points from each other if they spot another passenger’s car color first!

5) License Plate Decoder

Pretend that every license plate is a personalized message and decode it. “HDR 732″ might stand for “Hairdresser Diva Rollerderby, 7 days a week, 32 hours a day.” We like to add some adult humor to keep it creative: “HDR 732 = Hot Delicious Redhead Needs 7 boys for 3 dates with her 2 friends″ – you get the picture.

6) Fortunately – Unfortunately

One person shares a statement beginning with the word, “fortunately.” As in, “Fortunately, I remembered to pack a sexy swimsuit.” The other person must follow up with a statement beginning with the word, “unfortunately.” As in, “Unfortunately, I took it out of your suitcase to make room for my shaver.” You can also switch the game around by starting with unfortunate ideas first.

7) Speak in Song

Carry on a conversation using only the titles or lyrics from songs. No singing allowed.

8) Would you Rather

Take turns offering various options to other passengers, either wonderful, horrible, painful, embarrassing, or otherwise. Find out who would rather jump in a flaming volcano or sit in a cage of snakes. If you do some pre-planning, you can buy a book of these silly questions in an X-Rated version to bring along.

9) Strip Padiddle

The rules are simple: whenever you spot a car with a headlight out, you shout ‘Padiddle. and touch your palm to the roof of the car’ . The last one to shout it & hit the roof has to remove an item of clothing. You can tone it down by swapping stripping for kisses.

10) Carspotting

This might be the simplest game on this list — you try and identify every car on the road with you. The trick is to be the first person to ID a car from the farthest away. Very useful when you can make out the front lights of a Crown Vic or the hump of a slug bug at a half a mile.

Bonus: The Steamy Game

There are lots of variations to this one, but we think this one is the best. The steamy RV game. Adding the word ‘steamy’ before the name of every RV you pass. Such as “Steamy Jamboree” – and now that you know, you will do it for life… you’re welcome!

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