15 Awesome Mother's Day - Date Night Gift Ideas

15 Awesome Mother's Day - Date Night Gift Ideas

Treat the lovely Mom in your life to a great celebration that she will love. Showering her with love, and a sweet thoughtful day doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are 15 Mother’s Day gifts we love, and we think she will love too. 

Cook Her a Family Recipe

Bring her back to her childhood with a special treat that reminds her of home. Do you know what she loved growing up? You can reach out, and ask her family if you’re not sure. Even better if you can secure a recipe from someone in her family. It doesn’t need to be complicated. You can even order something from a local vendor where she grew up.

Make Her a DUO Playlist

Spotify is a great way to put together something that will set the mood. Have you seen their new "DUO" Love List Playlist? Create a personalized playlist and cover for you and your special human. Who wouldn't melt at that? CLICK HERE to jump on over.

Watch a Mother Daughter Movie Together

What kind of movies does your special Mom love? Create a line-up for her to choose from, along with some freshly popped popcorn with toppings and you’ll be good to go! If Mom is far away, you can all connect on Netflix Party and watch together. We're partial to Mamma Mia, but CLICK HERE for a great list of options. As a special treat, we like to bring home freshly popped popcorn from our local theater.

50 Reason’s Why I Love You Book

This sweet book has fill in the prompts for 50 pages of love. The questions are simple, and will create a beautiful love story she will cherish forever. Ditch the card, and giver her a book! CLICK HERE for the book on Amazon.

Throw a Tea Party

We simply love the Spring weather, and how everything is blooming. Throwing Mom a simple tea party is a delightful way to spend the morning. Easily swap in lemonade for tea, make some small sandwiches cut into triangles - and you’re set! These paper plates from Amazon will make your table beautiful, and cleanup a snap. CLICK HERE for the link.

Make a Mom-osa Bar

Does your Mom love some bubbles? Make it special with a brunch drink that just about everyone loves. A bottle of prosecco, 2-3 juices and some fresh fruit will make your mimosas look super boujee! CLICK HERE for some inspiration.

Go on a Photo Safari

Plan a  little day trip, and map out some great photo ops. Gift her a selfie stick, and a map to all the great things you’ll be taking pictures of, and create a shared Instagram post at the end. Bonus points to pack a blanket and basket for a champagne picnic break.

Deep Dive in an Interview

This is a great time to have Mom take the center stage. Order one of these great books, and start interviewing Mom. She will get to relive memories, and you’ll get to hear her stories.

Get Crafty Together

Is your Mom a craft lover? Set up a craft room with new supplies to surprise her and spend the day creating memories and art to last a lifetime. CLICK HERE for some great craft ideas.

Road Trip Together

Our Road Trip deck is the perfect companion for dinner, or a glass of wine. On the front is a photo from each state, and a trivia question. On the back, a related date night question to get your conversations deeper. CLICK HERE to order on Amazon.

Manicure Together

Freshly filed nails and a flawless new polish color will make her feel like a million bucks. If you don’t want to head to a local shop, you can create an at home experience with a full kit! CLCK HERE for an example.

Create a Photo Book

It’s never Been easier to create a great a photo book, right from your phone! Shutterfly has some great options starting at $10.

Host a Virtual Family Game Night

The whole friends and family can get in on this action. This is a virtual game night, and includes a live host, and space for up to 12 people. At $199 its about $10 a person for 1.5 hours.

Make her a JibJab Video

Forget the old printed cards, make Mom a video she will love! JibJab has plenty of free video options to personalize with your own photo faces (search for FREE on their site). She will LOVE it! Or create her something uniquely YOU on TikTok.

Monthly Candle

We like Vella Box for their modern candles, and affordable price point. For as little as $10 a month, they will deliver a candle and a small gift.

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