5 Senses Date Night Ideas

5 Senses Date Night Ideas

Just mentioning the 5 senses somehow feels romantic - so why not explore them? Hearing, sight, smell, touch, and taste – they all play a significant role in creating sparks and enjoying intimate moments with your spouse! This doesn’t mean you need to be in the bedroom to feel that energy, you can find it in every day activities.

So to help you switch things up we’ve got some great date night ideas for all 5 senses! Say goodbye to your date night rut because it’s time to think outside the Netflix Box.


Pet Store/Zoo

Going to see animals can be as simple as swinging by your local pet store or making a day trip to the zoo. And come on who doesn’t want to spend the afternoon looking at cute animals? Our favorite drop in is at our local bird store - it’s so cool to walk through and check out the exotic feathers and sounds.

Drive In Movie

Switch it up from the traditional (and overpriced) movie theater and go see a movie in the drive-in theater instead! Break out the lawn chairs, big fuzzy blankets, and yummy snacks for a cozy summer night under the stars with the giant screen.

Sporting Event

Any excuse to dress in sporty team colors, splurge on some junk food, and yell for a team with your sweetie - we’re all for it! We especially love the off-beat events like roller-derby, local pony racing, and Bocce.


Goat Yoga

Yoga is already super relaxing, but adding in some cute animals on a Saturday morning makes a goat yoga class pretty hard to beat. And this way it’ll be easier to convince your significant to go along with you because it’s not just yoga, it’s goat yoga! This isn’t offered everywhere, but all types of fun yoga gatherings can be found on meetup.com

Pottery/Art Class

Channel your inner creative artist and take a pottery or painting class together! You can even find ones that allow you to have a nice glass of wine or your favorite beer so you can sip while you create. Painting with a Twist has art studios all over the USA.

Arcade Games

Nothing beats grabbing a joystick or gun and playing some arcade video games. Our local theaters have these, or you can go with the tried and true Dave & Busters and grab some dinner along with your drinks and take home a prize to commemorate the night. If neither are an option, stay home and purchase a new game to learn together on your home gaming console. 


Live Music

There’s something about live music that just puts you in a good mood. A lot of times bars will have specific nights that they host live music you can enjoy for free! Just do a quick search to see what nights are available in your area and go enjoy some local artists with your sweetie.

Stand Up Comedy

This is easily one of our favorite date nights. The combination of laughing together, and sharing an experience that you can only live once makes this a perfect date night. Many of our local clubs also serve food - so double score! If you can't find a local club, Netflix has some great stand-ups in their line-up. We love the Iliza Schlessinger and the Joe Rogan Shows.

Group Date Karaoke Night

Gather up all your couples friends and host a karaoke night from the comfort of your home! Have everyone bring some drinks and snacks and sit back, relax, and laugh your butt off.


Wine Tasting

I don’t think this one needs any explanation as to why this is a good date idea. I mean come on, it’s wine! Throw on a cute outfit, snap some pictures, and stop by a local cafe after and make an afternoon of it. If you don’t live in an are with wine tasting, jump on over to our chocolate and wine pairing blog for an easy at home option.


It’s cheap, It’s fun, and it’s down right hilarious. On those nights when you just really don’t feel like going anywhere, order some take out, put on your favorite playlist, and see who has the unfortunate experience of getting the bad jelly beans. We love this version with the mystery dispenser

Cooking Class

Always wanted to learn how to cook like a pro? Take a class together! This way you can both sharpen your cooking skills and when next weekend comes around you can make a grocery run and cook a new meal from home together. You can even cook with a famous chef online with the AirBNB experiences. Click here to check it out here.


Farmers Market

We're putting this one in the smell category because the minute we step foot at the market, the fresh flowers, food tables and noshing options are spectacular. This is a great weekend morning date idea and gives you the opportunity to try out some local food and drink while supporting businesses in your area.

Local Garden

Spring is in the air and what better way to kick off the warmer weather than to head to a garden with fresh flowers in bloom and have a picnic while enjoying the great outdoors. You can also stop by a nursery and browse the smells, bringing something home to plant.

Smell-tastic Board Game!

Swing by your local Target (try not to buy 57 extra items) and pick up the “What’s That Smell” game for some group date night fun! Put your sniffer to the test to see who will rack up the most points and claim the champion title.

Get Out Of That Date Night Rut

Pick out some of your favorite new ideas, grab your significant, and go have fun making some new memories. XO

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