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6 Texting Games for Couples

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We text our partners with status updates, reminders for the store, and a million other little things. One way to add a little fun to your relationship is with texting games for couples. Texting has become a part of life! Is your partner far away from you? Playing text games can make you feel instantly connected. It is fun to keep a game going, and you can have a lot of fun too.

Here are a 6 fun texting games for couples that you can try:

1. Would you rather?

This is a game with alternating series of questions.  Start with contemporary questions to set the mood before indulging in more romantic ones. For example, you can begin with a question like; would you rather go a day, “without a phone or a toothbrush?”; Each question should lead to the other and to spice it up a little bit you can go the romantic way; for example, you can pose the question “would you rather kiss under the rain or at the beach?”  Try this game today and you will be surprised by how fun it can get.

2. Truth or dare?

Yeah, yeah, I know this one is a classic, but it is still a great way to have fun with your spouse. The only difference in playing the texting version of the game is that the dares are texted. Here one partner asks the other if they want to take a dare or answer a question truthfully.  For the truths, pose a question for your spouse; one that he/she should answer honestly. For the dare, text the dare to your spouse; in return, they can prove they completed the dare by taking a picture of the completed dare task and sending it back. 

3. Where am I?

You can never get enough of this one. Basically, your spouse describes the surroundings of where he/she is. the twist is the location has to be a place that both of you have been to. The other partner has to then guess the place. If the guess is accurate, it then becomes the other partner’s turn to creates his/her description and so on. The good thing about this game is that you don’t have to be at the place you are describing; you can think of a location that you both have been to.

4. Never have I Ever!

This is one sure game to reveal a lot about your spouse. The game commences with taking turns by making declarations of the things you have never done before. You lose a point when you agree to have done something that your spouse has never done. This is a fun way to learn more about your partner and take your relationship to the next level.

Texting games can elevate a couple to greater heights of fun and love. Refresh your relationship and have fun with the above texting games for couples.

5. Funny Picture Challenge

This unique text game will refine your Google research skills as you can try to outdo each other in finding absurdly hilarious images. The idea here is that one person proposes an outrageous theme or title, and the other person sees a matching picture. Think ice skating puppy or a man dressed as an ice- cream, go crazy – zebras doing a line dance, people in a bizarre hat. Your imagination is your only limit. Think out of the box with this one and get ready to chuckle all day long. If you both love celebrities you can challenge each other to find amusing pics of your favorite actors, musicians or artists captured doing funny things. Pictures are quick and easy to send and will brighten your day. Turn up the fun instantly by taking exciting picture challenges. For example, an eskimo on a surfboard, a roller skating panda.

6. Kiss, Marry, Kill

This one is a classic that your girlfriend or boyfriend will love playing with you. Tease each other and see which celebs, actors, musicians, sports star of just about anyone your partner would – kiss, kill or marry!

How about Britney Spears? Barrack O’ Bama? Tom Hanks? Kim Kardashian? Beware – adding real people that you both know is asking for trouble. Remember this is all fun – just because your boyfriend dreams of kissing or marrying Drew Barrymore doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you. It’s make-believe and pretend.

What other texting games have you played?

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