5 Tips for Sending Flirty Texts to Your Partner (Sexting)

5 Tips for Sending Flirty Texts to Your Partner (Sexting)

Sexy texting isn't just for the younger lovebirds— married couples who heat up their text life with flirty text messages reap the benefits too. It's easy to see how sending racy text messages to your unsuspecting partner can heat things up, but not everyone takes advantage of the turn-on. Married couples do sext, but not nearly as much as younger couples.

Think of sexting as a private love game—a flirty little tease that keeps you intrigued and engaged. So how do you go about playing? Follow these 5 easy tips.

1: Embrace the Flirt

Trying a new form of foreplay is just like trying a new workout—you always feel a little silly navigating something for the first time. When you've been with someone for a long time, it's easy to feel that a sext is unnatural. Try easing in, and let it heat up from there. The element of surprise and newness can be pretty exciting. Who doesn’t love the idea of adding some new zing to their somewhat mundane exchanges?

2: Great Ice Breaker

Every relationship goes through dry spells, but sending flirty messages is a great way to help pull you both out of it. Sending a flirty text about feeling feisty will definitely spark some intrigue. Don't tease your partner unless you plan to deliver, otherwise the fun game turns into a vehicle for disappointment and frustration.

3: Timing

You're adults, which means you likely have jobs, kids, and endless other responsibilities tying up both of your schedules—and sexy texts don't always have a place in that world. So plan ahead: Ask if they’re alone before you hit send—so you know a co-worker isn't looking over their shoulder. At home, text something simple that says you have a special dessert for him/her after the kids go to sleep. The anticipation to clean up the dishes will be great fun.

4: Use Your Words

The mind is our main sex organ, and choosing the right flirty words to seduce your partner can make them feel very desired. Start small: Compliment them, next try reminiscing about a night of hot sex you had years ago on your favorite vacation. When you're ready, write about what sexual act you want to do with him/her when they get home. Our 50 FREE Flirty Text Messages will give you the inspiration you need to get started.

5: Build Tension Not Pressure

Remember, sexting is best used as a form of foreplay. You want your partner to feel aroused, not stressed over how to match your explicitness or what to say back. Offer questions that are easy for him to respond to, such as "You know, I loved when we did X. Could we try that again?”

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