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6 Tips on Taking Better Couple Selfies

In the fast paced real-time digitized world of today, #selfie has been the 12th most used hashtag on Instagram. Over 1 million selfies are taken every day, which means that over a few minutes there are already more selfie photos than all photographs in the 19th century combined! You and your sweetie are sure to have a few bloopers - so here are some tips for better couples #selfies.

1. Be cool and use “Snapchat” funny filters

The effects are quite spectacular and especially very funny. You can use lenses, filters, face swap, text, stickers, emojis or the drawing tool. When you take a photo with one of these filters, it’s often very surprising! New filters are released all the time, so keep experimenting. Download the Snapchat app for free (if you don’t have it) to be ready for those love-filled moments, whilst being goofy and having fun.

 2. Amplify emotional value and use “black and white”

Black and white photography is a very special way to illustrate emotion between two people. You should consider selecting the black and white filter of your phone and focus on the eyes or kiss each other. Ultimately, it takes away from any distractions that a coloured photograph may pose and allows for a timeless effect – as decades pass the authenticity of such a photo never fails.

3. Be romantic and kiss your partner

When people mention couple selfies, the first image we have all in mind is two people kissing each other. It is always a tender moment that you would like to remember with a nice photo. You can watch it again and again, particularly good for your private collection.

4. Be authentic and use a nature background


A nature background, or one that gives a natural appearance, always works because of the various colours such as  green, blue and orange. When we look at the photos, we don’t only focus on the faces but also on the environment. You can take photos in a park, near a lake/ beach or even into a forest. It can be a great excuse for a romantic walk.

 5. Be original and try a funny face, position or angle

The best selfie couple you can take is a photo it makes you laugh every time you look at it. More original you are better is the photo. You can use various accessories (glasses, flowers, hat) or your partner’s hair in this example below. You can wear a large T shirt and take a selfie of the two of you inside. Taking your photos in different ways may also give you that winning shot; be unique by using a selfie stick from the ground.

6. Be creative and use interesting angles

Take a shot upside down, or just of your legs! There is no need to always be standing up with the phone in front. Play around with interesting angles for some interesting selfies!

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