62 Easy DIY Holiday Ornaments

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62 Easy DIY Christmas Ornaments

Are you obsessed with donuts? Do you have your own donut pan at home? Mock your favorite flavor to display on your Christmas tree this holiday season by replacing the dough with clay.

2. Gold Glitter


Source: A Beauty Dojo via Brit + CO

If you want to add some sparkle to your Christmas tree this year, head to your local craft store. With a few easy steps, you can create your own gold glitter ornament that you’ll have for years to come.

3. Moon Phase


Source: Alice & Lois via Brit + CO

Are most of your Christmas tree ornaments old and beat-up? Add a modern twist to your tree this year by making your own moon phase ornaments.

4. Disney Princess

A Disney princess-inspired ornament doesn’t need to be so difficult to replicate. Pick up a few embellishments from the craft store to make your favorite character – one for every little princess in the family.

5. Felt Christmas Tree

For those of you who aren’t meant for the sewing machine, break out your needle and thread to create a handmade masterpiece that your friends and family will love.

6. Weathered Wood Frame


Source: Shutterfly

Cherish your favorite memories as a family and create your own wooden frame ornament that will make the perfect addition to your Christmas tree every year.

7. Disco Ball

Switched to streaming music, but still have your CDs laying around? With some scissors and a plain ornament, you can repurpose them to make the perfect homemade holiday gift.

8. Crimped Paper


Source: DIY Inspired

Because homemade ornaments shouldn’t be too hard to craft. With a few supplies that you might have hanging around the house, you can make adorable Christmas ornaments in less than 30 minutes.

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9. Santa’s Sleigh Map

Break out the Modge Podge and the map of your choice to create a depiction of Santa’s Sleigh ride around the world.

10. Ice Cream

With only four items that you can find around the house, you can make your own summer-inspired ornaments. And, they’re a perfect distraction for those of you who are dreaming of sun and sand.

11. Snow Globe

Keep your family and friends guessing how you made it. Create your own Christmas snow globe by picking up a plastic ornament and filling it with your favorite miniature materials – even use epsom salt for snow.

12. Light-Up Ornament

Two versions of Shutterfly's light up ornaments.

Source: Shutterfly

Fill your Christmas tree with fond memories by transferring photos onto these light up ornaments. They’re also perfect for gifting to friends and family, so everyone has new handmade ornaments for next year.

13. Pine Cone Bow

Head outside and gather the fallen pine cones for a DIY that takes less than 3 minutes. Some jute and a ribbon is all you need to make an earthy decoration you can have for years to come.

14. Crochet A Snowman


Source: Midwestern Moms

For those with crochet skills, knit a snowman ornament that your loved ones will cherish forever. You can even customize them with different color hats and scarves for every member of the family.

15. Ceramic Family Photos

Two ceramic ornaments from Shutterfly.

Source: Shutterfly

Upgrade your favorite family photos by uploading them into these beautiful ceramic ornament designs. Where the photo is from a recent family trip or a studip portrait session, this DIY project will make the photos pop.

16. Tealight Snowmen

Who knew a tealight could double as a snowman? Create your own little snowman family to brighten up your Christmas tree this holiday season.

17. Two Sided Felt Snowflakes

Put your sewing machine to use this holiday season. Pick up your favorite colors of felt at the local craft store and make your own snowflake ornaments for all of your friends and family.

18. Cardboard Igloo

For an inexpensive ornament that everyone will love, your recycling bin will come in handy this holiday season. Simply pick out the best looking piece of cardboard and break out the glue to make your very own handmade igloo.

19. Bird Seed


Source: Saltwater Kids

Be one with nature this holiday season and make bird seed ornaments as a perfect gift for all of your neighbors. These inexpensive DIY ornaments are a perfect way to attract the local birds during the holiday season!

20. Galaxy And Planet

Who doesn’t love playing around with paint and glitter? Grab a plain ornament to create your own galaxy and planet look with endless color combinations.

21. Gold And Glitter Starburst


Source: Shutterfly

Red and green aren’t the only colors you can use to decorate your Christmas tree this holiday season. Make your tree shine by making your own gold and glitter ornaments this year!

22. Gingerbread Tree


Source: Skinny Taste

Fill your house with the delicious smell of gingerbread while you and your loved ones are making adorable Christmas tree ornaments. That’s right, your favorite holiday cookies can double as ornaments just by pulling out a spool of twine.

23. Glitter Mustache

Create your own DIY mustache ornament with some glitter, glue and of course your favorite mustache shape in mind for inspiration. It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

24. Mini Paper Angels


Source: The Craft Train

Do you have construction paper, scissors and ribbon laying around? These simple materials are all you need to make your own mini paper angels for the Christmas tree.

25. Wine Cork Reindeer

Make sure to save all of your wine corks to make your own miniature reindeer ornament this holiday season! Simply add some googly eyes and a red ornamental nose for an adorable gift or decoration.

26. Felt Flower

Make your own beautiful flower ornaments using different colors of wool felt and a pair of scissors. These delicate decorations are perfect to gift to friends and family during the holidays!

27. 3 Ingredient Cinnamon

Your whole house will smell like Christmas with these 3 ingredient ornaments. Applesauce, cinnamon and cloves are all you need for these adorable DIY tree decorations!

28. Frozen

Whether Elsa, Olaf or Anna is your favorite, it’s easy to create your own Frozen-inspired Christmas ornament. With only a few simple steps, it’s simple to include the whole cast on your Christmas tree this year.

29. Gold Sharpie


Source: Clairebellemakes

Skip the messy paint when working on a DIY ornament project this year. Just fill a clear ornament with a few basic materials and write your favorite holiday message using a metallic sharpie.

30. Canine Inspired

Dog bone ornament from Shutterfly.

Source: Shutterfly

If you’re looking to highlight a favorite family pet or commemorate a pet’s passing, these pup-inspired ornaments are the perfect option. Simply choose your favorite photo of your pooch and personalize it how you please.

31. Seashell & Sand

Seeing the snow outside, but dreaming of the beach? Create a beach-inspired ornament with sand from your last time at the beach to reminisce on the summer months.

32. Merry Minions

Your kids will love this uncomplicated minion ornament for your next DIY project. A little decorative shred and a googly eye will help create your kid’s next favorite tree decoration.

33. Colorful Yarn Ball


Source: UpCraft Club

This DIY is a perfect break-proof addition to this year’s Christmas tree. Grab your favorite color yarn and a crumpled piece of newspaper to make an ornament that you won’t risk shattering.

34. Silhouette Picture


Source: Buggy and Buddy

Cherish their young years by making your own silhouette ornaments of your children. You’ll be surprised that you can make your own personalized ornament in only a few simple steps.

35. Vintage Map

This ornament is the perfect gift for your family and friends with perpetual wanderlust. Cut up a roadmap of their favorite location to create a customized ornament they’ll cherish forever.

36. Customized Glass

Glass ornament for a Christmas celebration.

Source: Shutterfly

For a more elegant DIY Christmas ornament, consider creating a glass ornament using one of your favorite photos. Not only will it reflect light off the tree, but it’s a keepsake that will last a lifetime.

37. Vibrant Painted

Use your creative freedom to paint your own design on a plain ornament with acrylic paint.

38. Simple Felt

Cut up pieces of felt to make your own 3D Christmas tree ornament in mere minutes. Best part? No need to worry about shattering your Christmas tree decorations this year.

39. Bright Painted

Make your Christmas ornaments pop this year by picking out bright colored paint and using metallic copper foil tape to make bright colored ornaments.

40. Holiday Card

Christmas card ornaments from Shutterfly.

Source: Shutterfly

Don’t let your sent Christmas cards get forgotten once the New Year begins. Incporate your favorite photos from the cards into a new ornament that you can keep as a Holiday momento.

41. Watercolor Printed Fabric


Source: Fall for DIY

Create this minimalist and sturdy ornament this year with only a few materials. You can even make one for all of your loved ones with their own personalized holiday message!

42. Chocolate And Copper Leaf


Source: Homemade Ginger

Who doesn’t like chocolate and Christmas decorations around the holidays? Make tree decorations that are good enough to eat by adding your favorite chocolates in clear ornaments.

43. Glitter Dust Filled


Source: The Vault Files

Confetti and celebrating go hand in hand. Grab your favorite gold confetti this holiday season and make the perfect celebration ornaments in a matter of minutes.

44. Sturdy Leather


Source: Delia Creates

Create a Christmas tree decoration that will last generations. Use strips of leather to make a flexible and modern ornament.

45. Miniature Snow Globe


Source: NoBiggie via Country Living

Use a mini lightbulb to double as a miniature snow globe ornament. Just add a little tree and some snow for the cutest DIY winter wonderland ornament!

46. Christmas Wish List


Source: Paging Fun Moms

Personalize mini Christmas wish lists this year! For under $3, you can make one for every member of your family.

47. Snowflake Initial


Source: Gossamer Blue via Good Housekeeping

Use various layers of scrapbook paper to make initial ornaments for every member of the family. Customize the colors and embellishments for an ornament as unique as your loved one!

48. Reindeer Thumb Prints

Every ornament is as unique as a fingerprint (literally!). Take a thumbprint of every kid in the family to see how much they’ve grown in the coming years!

49. Wooden Photo Ornament

Two wooden photo ornaments from Shutterfly.

Source: Shutterfly

Create a set of wooden Christmas ornaments to helpo celebrate this year’s favorite moments. Include the pfamilky portraits from your Christmas cards, a fun photo from your ski trip, or anything else.

50. Watercolor

Include soft pastel colors on your Christmas tree this year by making watercolor ornaments. With a few splashes of your favorite colors, you’ll have a DIY masterpiece.

51. Emoji


Source: Studio DIY

Simply don’t have the words to express yourself? You don’t have to. Make these awesome emoji ornaments with only a plan ceramic ornament, spray paint and markers.

52. Favorite Photo

A photo ornament from Shutterfly.

Source: Shutterfly

Capture the moment and make your own favorite photo ornament to cherish for years to come. With a few saved photos and just a little time spent picking out the right design– you can quickly make past memories come back to life for the holidays.

53. Confetti Pyramid


Source: A Lovely Lark via Brit + CO

Don’t fall for the expensive ornaments you see in-store. Many of them are easy to replicate, like these impressive confetti pyramids made with only a few materials.

54. Glitter Twine Ball

Show off your DIY skills by using a balloon, twine and modge podge to make this brilliant glitter twine ball.

55. Felt Elf Boots


Source: The DIY Dreamer

These adorable elf boots will make anyone’s Christmas tree more festive than ever! Use your favorite color felt to personalize each one.

56. Ugly Christmas Sweater


Source: Aunt Peaches

We all know having an ugly Christmas sweater is a must around the holidays, so why not style your tree the same way? Make your own miniature sweater ornament as ugly as you please with this DIY.

57. Fingerprint Christmas Tree

With only 3 simple materials, you can make your own fingerprint DIY ornaments with your little ones! Add the date to reminisce on this Christmas decoration for years to come.

58. Medallion Paper

Simple medallion paper ornaments are an easy way to fill up your Christmas tree with only a few materials. Pick up your favorite patterned paper for a festive DIY project!

59. Mason Jar Lid

Repurpose a mason jar lid you have hanging around the house for a festive DIY project. With some twine and figurines, you can create your own miniature Christmas scene!

60. Elmer Star


Source: Mama Miss

Make your own handmade Elmer ornament for the kids this year! After you pick up colorful yarn and a few materials, you’ll have your own Elmer ornament in a matter of minutes.

61. Glitter Polka Dots


Source: Hello Glow

Because glitter makes everything better. Simply use your favorite kind of glitter, a plain ornament and modge podge to make your tree sparkle this year.

62. Gallery Christmas Cube


Source: Shutterfly

Add your favorite pictures to your Christmas tree this year by making a gallery Christmas cube ornament! Make them every Christmas to see how the family has changed over the years!

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