Alphabet Date Nights

Alphabet Date Nights

The Roulette Wheel of Date Nights!

Have you been feeling a little repetitive on your date night ideas? Sometimes it can be hard trying to be spontaneous when it comes to date night. So why not try alphabet dating.

It can be hard coming up with inspired date ideas. Especially when you think you’ve done everything possible when it comes to a date night. Which is why a lot of couples decide to try out alphabet dating or A-Z date night ideas. This is a quick and easy way to inspire you and put together the ultimate date night. Alphabet dating is a great way to keep your relationship fresh and exciting.

How To Do Alphabet Dating:

There are lots of different ways you can play the alphabet dating game…

  1. Write each letter on a small piece of paper, and cut out all 26 letters. Throw them all in a bowl or jar and save them for when it’s time for a date idea. Whenever you both can’t decide what to do for date night, grab your A-Z Dates jar and pull a letter!
  2. Have your partner pick a random letter, and you get to choose a date from the letter list.
  3. Designate each letter to each week and go in order. First week is letter A, second week is letter B and so on.
Each week, pick a new letter and decide on a good date idea from the letter list! You can download our handy chart
, or just roulette and skip to a letter!


1. Aquarium

Are you or your other half into your sea life? If so, then a trip to the aquarium would be a great shout! You can also learn a thing or two about all the animals there.

2. Afternoon Tea

If you are wanting to keep things classy for your alphabet dating, then afternoon tea might be a good shout. Enjoy some cakes, scones, tea and coffee, even a class of prosecco if you’re feeling it.

3. AirBnB

AirBnB is known for its unique and one off stays so why not make your date night ideas into a date weekend with an AirBnB stay? See some insane AirBnB apartments for groups here.

4. Go Abroad

Fancy making it a date night like no other? Jet off abroad for a short weekend away overseas. This could be anything from a city break to a relaxed stay.

5. Alfresco Dining

If it’s the Spring/Summer months or you just fancy enjoying the outdoors why not incorporate some Alfresco dining into your date night?

6. Have an Adventure Together

This could be anything, explore somewhere new, go on a drive and see where you end up, anything that feels like an adventure!


1. Bowling

Everyone loves bowling, it’s a great way to add something a little bit competitive into your day/evening and you can incorporate some of the arcade games like air hockey whilst your there.

2. Bake Something

Whether you are an avid baker or not, baking with your other half is a great way to have some fun. Make some cakes or cookies you could even buy a box mix if you aren’t feeling adventurous.

3. Balloon Ride

For the adrenaline junkies out there. Take on new heights with a hot air balloon ride! It’s a once in a lifetime experience that you have to do together. Just make sure no one has a fear of heights first!

4. Go to the Beach

Does it look like there is going to be a sunny day coming up? Make the most of it and head to the beach! This could be one close to home or travel further away to a new beach.

5. Bike Ride

The outdoors is a great way to have some fun together, get your bikes or rent some and head out on a bike ride! You could go to a woods, cycle path or even just use it as your transportation.

6. Bar Crawl

Enjoy a night out just you and your other half and organise a bar crawl. Make it a proper date night with some drinks and make your way around the town


1. Concert

Do you both like the same music? If so why not book tickets to one of your favourite singers or bands. Or if you don’t have the same music taste make it a surprise and book their favourite.

2. Cooking Class

Whether you think of yourselves as cooks or not, why not head to a cooking class and learn how to make particular dishes and foods together.

3. Café Date

If you both have an extremely busy schedule sometimes it’s hard to get a whole day to yourselves. So why not meet up for lunch and have a café date in between work or errands you have to do.

4. Comedy Show

Laughing is the best form of medicine. Get closer together as you laugh during a comedy show. It could be one at your local or book tickets to your favourite comedian.

5. Go Camping

Be at one with nature and enjoy the outdoors with a camping experience. Make it a whole weekend away and go for walks, make food and play some card games.

6. Head to the Cinema

Everyone loves a cinema date right? It’s a great way to watch a movie, enjoy some tasty snacks and it’s perfect if you are a newly formed couple or for a first date!


1. Double Date

Having a couple who are both yours and your other half friends is always a great excuse to have a double date planned each month or so.

2. Enjoy a Dominos

A Dominos date is something that everyone can enjoy. Select your pizzas, sides and don’t forget their incredible cookies!

3. Dine In

Sometimes you overthink a date night when it can literally be something as simple as a meal at home. If you choose the dine in option, you could make the meal yourself or get a takeaway!

4. Do a DIY Project

Has there been something you have both wanted to try doing? Make it fun by transforming it into a date, get some drinks in and some snacks, you could even play some music.

5. Disneyland

For the people who want to make their date idea something to remember. Trip to Disneyland Paris anyone??

6. Go for Drinks

Don’t cut your date night short. Head out for some drinks after your meal, cinema or whatever else you may have been doing. Or make going for drinks your main date night idea!


1. Escape Room

See how well you both work together when you are put into a completely different environment to what you’re used to. Unlock clues, solve puzzles and try to escape in 60 minutes.

2. Exercise Together

They say that couples who exercise together, stay together. So why not do something fun and active together. The opportunities are endless.

3. Explore Somewhere New

Think of yourselves as explorers? Explore somewhere new and make it an experience to remember. This could be somewhere far away or something you’ve always wanted to do.

4. Getting Engaged

I mean…this isn’t technically a date night idea but it could definitely be added into your date night if it’s what you are wanting to do.

5. Eating Out

Everyone loves going out for food right? Make it a date night and try out somewhere new for food, or head to your favourite place to eat that you both love.

6. Go Expensive

Although a date night doesn’t have to be anything expensive it’s still a great excuse to go all out for a date night whether it’s with food, an activity or an object.


1. Film Night

If you are the type of couple that never has an evening just relaxing in front of the TV, then a film night might be just the thing you need! Order in, get some snacks and enjoy some films.

2. Festival

Make it a date night to remember with a festival. This could be a music festival, food festival, drink festival, just keep an eye out on what’s coming up and see what takes your fancy.

3. Fort Building

You’re never too old to make a fort right? It could be the ultimate date experience. Just make sure you have all your supplies for the day/night in the fort with you so you don’t risk it collapsing.

4. Watch Some Fireworks

If you are looking for some date night ideas during the Autumn period, why not check out any firework displays that are around your area.

5. Football

If you are both fond on football a great date idea would be heading to the football match of a team that you support!

6. Head to a Farm Park or Farm Shop

Sometimes there is nothing better than heading to the local farm park or farm shop. It’s a great place to get some locally made food and enjoy some lunch or a drink.


1. Game Night

Get competitive in a fun way and get out all the games you have. It could be a board game, card game or even just going on some games on the Play Station or Xbox.

2. Glamping

Like camping, but not as minimal. Enjoy the camping experience with beds, electric, sofas, even a TV in some parks.

3. Go Karting

Enjoy the dating life in the fast lane and go head to head in the ultimate driving experience. The perfect way to let off some steam.

4. Go to a Garden Centre

All throughout the year garden centres are full of amazing things, they’re always a good place to go if you want to enjoy a delicious breakfast or lunch too.

5. Go Ape

Swing from the treetops in the ultimate experience with a Go Ape day. Dotted all around the UK you will find these Go Ape courses.

6. Play Some Golf

Sometimes there is nothing more relaxing than playing some golf, you could even pair this with a spa break if there is one nearby that has a golf course.


1. Happy Hour Cocktails

Nothing is better value for money than happy hour cocktails, enjoy some amazing drinks with some amazing company thanks to happy hour cocktails.

2. Harry Potter Marathon

Whether you have watched Harry Potter or not, a Harry Potter marathon will always go down a treat! Make sure you have snacks to keep you going!

3. Hiking

For all you outdoors lovers out there why not make it a whole day and go hiking somewhere. Whether you have a favourite route or you want to try somewhere new.

4. Go on a Holiday

Another out their date idea but a great excuse to have a holiday. This would probably require both of you to organise though unless you really wanted pull out all the stops.

5. Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour

Head to your nearest city or somewhere you have always wanted to go and enjoy the hop-on hop-off bus tour!

6. Host a Party

Although this isn’t your typical date night idea it’s a great way to come together and create something exciting for you and your family or friends.


1. Get Some Ice Cream

No matter what time of the year it is ice cream is always a good idea. Whether you are getting one from an ice cream van, down by the seaside or getting your favourite tub of Ben & Jerrys.

2. Ice Skating

Get your skates on and wrap up warm for a whizz around the ice with your other half. It’s a great experience for experiences skaters and the amateurs out there.

3. Eat at an Italian or Indian

See which one takes your fancy more for your date night cuisine. A classic Italian with some pasta and pizza or an Indian with some delicious curries?

4. Go to Ikea

Who doesn’t get joy out of going to Ikea? Whether you go purely for their meatballs or because you actually need to buy something for the house it’s a great experience.

5. Stay Indoors

Whilst the autumn and winter are drawing in its sometimes nice to just stay indoors and do something in the house.

6. Indoor Climbing

Get adventurous in this active filled date night idea. Head to your closest climbing wall and see how well you and your other half are at climbing.


1. Junk Food Day

Everyone loves to treat themselves now and again so why not make a whole day of it and enjoy all your favourite junk food.

2. Jigsaw Puzzle

A relaxing or stressful experience. The only way to find out is by getting involved and trying to complete one!

3. Go on a Jog

If you and your other half both like to exercise but never seem to do so together a great date idea would be to go on a jog together.

4. Enjoy a Jacuzzi

Relax and unwind with a lovely dip in a Jacuzzi, make it an entire day with a spa access or take a trip to your local venue that has an extremely relaxing Jacuzzi.

5. Go to a Jazz Bar

If jazz is your thing or not heading to a jazz bar is a fun and extremely unique date night idea that you and your other half will bound to love.

6. Jump Out a Plane

Are you both adrenaline junkies? Take it to the extreme and jump out of a plane! It’s an experience that you will do together that you will never forget!


1. Fly a Kite

It’s a lot harder than it looks, flying a kite is a great experience for you to enjoy. Especially during the summer months, it will be a great addition.

2. Enjoy a KFC

Kentucky Fried Chicken. Do we even need to say anymore? Pig out with your other half over a box of delicious chicken, not to mention their chicken gravy.

3. Head Out to a Karaoke Bar

See whether your singing is up to scratch with a karaoke bar date night. Incorporate some drinks into the mix and you might picture yourselves as Troy and Gabriella in the first HSM!

4. Go Kayaking

Enjoy some unique and fun water sports and try out kayaking as a couple. If you are into your sports and fancy a thrill, then this would be a great idea.

5. Explore Kew Gardens

The beautiful Kew Gardens would make a great date idea. Especially if you love nature, exploring and the chance to take in all the beauty of the gardens.

6. Use the Kitchen

Work together to create your own 3 course meal or do your own courses or meal in the kitchen. It’s a great way to add some romance back into your relationship.


1. Live Music

Whether you are going to a planned event or just down to your local bar, watching some live music is always a great shout!

2. Lazy Day

Sometimes there is nothing better than a day at home being lazy in front of the TV right? And what better date experience than this?

3. Go for Lunch

If you both have extremely busy schedules it can be hard narrowing down when you both have a day free. Instead why not just head out somewhere nice for lunch.

4. Find a Lake

Some of the best walks are ones around a lake, extremely picturesque and peaceful you would even be able to bring a picnic too!

5. Local Adventure

Is there anywhere around your local area that you haven’t explored yet? Well now is your chance by having a local adventure date idea.

6. Go to Las Vegas

Okay so this one is a bit extreme but if you have both been wanting to go and want to go all out then it’s kind of a no brainer right?


1. Movie Day

Got a few films lined up on Netflix that you want to tick off your list? Make your date into a movie day and power through all of your must watch films! Don’t forget the snacks!

2. Mini Golf

See who has the best shot as you get involved in a mini golf experience. It could be your classic mini golf experience or something like Junkyard Golf or Ghetto Golf!

3. See a Musical

There are always some amazing musicals running throughout the year. Make sure you grab some tickets and make a night of it with some drinks and a nice restaurant.

4. Enjoy a Massage

What better way to relax and unwind than with a massage? Book yourselves into a spa experience and enjoy a couples massage it’s something you can both enjoy.

5. Explore a Museum

Take in some history at your local museum. It’s a great way to have some fun whilst learning something, make sure you check out what exhibitions they have on for when you go.

6. Play Monopoly

Although this can get pretty aggressive. Monopoly is a great shout for a night in with some food and drinks, if you can handle the game that is.


1. Nandos

Nandos anyone? It’s the UK’s most popular restaurant for chicken, chicken and more chicken. It’s a great place to go for some food before any other plans you have.

2. Night Out

Go for some food, drinks and a dance out with your other half. It’s a great excuse to dress up, enjoy some amazing food and drink till your hearts content.

3. Nature Walk

Do you both love nature and walking? Mix the two together and enjoy a nature walk, you could incorporate a picnic into it and make a whole day of it!

4. Northern Lights

A bit more out there but the ultimate date night experience if you have the chance. The northern lights are magical and definitely worth seeing if you can!

5. Night In

Forget about heading out for a date night, have a night in and cook dinner, have some drinks, watch films, whatever takes your fancy.

6. Nap Together

There is nothing better than an afternoon nap, apart from if you nap together. If you’ve had a busy day or week sometimes all you need is a relaxing nap.


1. Open Air/Outdoor Cinema

During the summer months you will find plenty of open air cinemas and outdoor cinemas that will be showing some classic films.

2. Go Outdoors

Taking in some of the fresh air and exploring outdoors is sometimes the best kind of date that you can think of. Especially if you both love exploring.

3. Try Out Some Origami

See if you can pick up a new hobby with some origami. It’s a great creative experience that you can both get involved in together. See who ends up with the best swan!

4. Go to the Ocean

When its warmer you will be able to enjoy heading to the ocean, go for a swim, a BBQ or even just watch the sunset over the water. It’s a great experience.

5. Eat Oriental Food

If you don’t usually stray away from your usual common cuisines, why not try something new and eat some oriental food? We’re talking Asian specialities like Chinese, Japanese, Thai etc.

6. Go Off Roading

Bring out the adrenaline junkies from within with an off roading experience. Whether you’re organising a trip or you have your own vehicles.


1. Picnic

Head out on a nice day and enjoy a picnic. You could surprise your other half with the picnic or buy all the stuff and prepare it together.

2. Pizza Making

Everyone loves pizza but there is nothing better than enjoying a pizza you have made yourself. Get all the toppings and dough ready to make the perfect pizza.

3. Play Some Pool

Head to the pub and enjoy a game of pool, or go to one of the indoor arcades where you have pool, air hockey, ping pong etc.

4. Pub Quiz

Speaking of pub, test your general knowledge with a pub quiz. It’s a great way to have fun and we are sure most of your local pubs will have quiz nights.

5. Pumpkin Picking

If it’s around the spooky season what better date idea than pumpkin picking? Find the perfect pumpkins and go home and carve them ready for Halloween!

6. Pyjama Day

Sometimes there is nothing better than sitting in with your pyjamas on, especially during the weekend. Make a date of it with some snacks and movies.


1. Quiz Night

If you are wanting to stay inside why not create your own quiz night where you put together a quiz or get some quiz games and go head to head.

2. Quadruple Date

Like a double date, but doubled. Do you have 3 other couples that you’re both friends with? Perhaps a quadruple date could be on the cards for you all.

3. Make Quesadillas

A Mexican dish that everyone will love. Why not stay at home and cook your own quesadillas together, pick your cheese, meats, beans and vegetables and you’re good to go.

4. Visit One of the Queen’s Residencies

If you’re a lover of the Royals then this one is for you, the Queen has many residencies and we’re sure you aren’t far from one to visit for a date.

5. Go to a Quirky Bar

Every city anywhere has at least one quirky bar to visit. And if you like that type of thing then it would make the ultimate date night experience.

6. Love Quote Treasure Hunt

Give your other half a love felt treasure hunt using some love quotes and little gifts. It’s a great way to rekindle the love between you both.


1. Road Trip

Make your way somewhere new and turn your date night into a road trip, exploring somewhere you’ve both never been before will be a great idea.

2. Retail Therapy

Who doesn’t love shopping? A spot of shopping can always be turned into a date night with a nice meal, a coffee stops and of course treating yourselves to some new bits.

3. Rooftop Bar

If you are after feeling a little bit fancy head up to your nearest rooftop bar, it’s a great experience that you will both enjoy as you sip on cocktails with some amazing views.

4. Make a Red-Velvet Cake

A delicious cake that can bring you both together. Work as a team and create an amazing red-velvet cake. You could even then invite friends and family round for some tea and cake.

5. Go to a Restaurant

A simple but extremely popular date night idea. Heading to a restaurant it a great way to enjoy a date night all you need to do is pick what type of cuisine you’re wanting.

6. Re-enact Your First Date

Whatever you did on your first date. Do it again for your date night this time, it’s a great way to reflect back on you both as a couple.


1. Watch the Sunset

There is nothing more peaceful and relaxing than watching the sunset. Find somewhere with amazing views, take some drinks and enjoy watching the sun go down.

2. Go Stargazing

You could add this to watching the sunset and wait until the stars come shining through. See if you can spot a shooting star or a constellation.

3. Have a Spa Day

Nothing screams relaxation more than a spa day. Have a dip in the pool, a sit in the sauna or even a nice massage. It’s a great date idea if you both like to chill out.

4. Scary Movie Night

Whether you’re both wimps or you love scary movies a great date night would be getting the duvet down from the bedroom, some popcorn and watching some scary films.

5. Head to the Seaside

On a summers day a great date idea would be heading to the seaside. Make sure you have enough supplies to last you the day and you will be able to soak up the sun.

6. Go Swimming

Enjoy a bit of exercise as you go swimming together. If you are both swimming lovers this would be a great addition to your date night ideas.


1. Theme Park

Add some thrills into your relationship and take a trip to a theme park. Whether its Thorpe Park, Alton Towers or somewhere further afield.

2. Go for Some Tapas

Everybody loves tapas, it’s a great way to enjoy a variety of food without being over faced. And wherever there is tapas there will be an amazing vibe to go with.

3. Trampoline Park

Reach new heights with a trampoline park. It’s a great way to exercise, have some fun and see who’s got the best trampoline skills.

4. Watch Something in the Theatre

A trip to the theatre always goes down a treat! Especially if there is something on that you or your other half has always wanted to watch!

5. Play Some Tennis

Get sporty with some tennis. Hire out a tennis court and see who has the best tennis skills. It’s a great way to have some fun and get in some exercise.

6. Treat Yourselves

This could be anything, has there been something you’ve both wanted to do but it’s quite expensive? Now is the chance to do it as a date night idea.




1. Unwind

Sometimes if you are always busy doing something it is nice to just be together and unwind. This could be anything from a day in the house to a trip to a spa.

2. Try Unusual Foods

Forget about being a fussy eater for date night! Make it an experience to remember and try a variety of different unusual foods.

3. Go to an Upscale Restaurant

Treat yourself to a fine dining experience for your date night. Dress up in your nicest clothes and head out for an evening of fun.

4. Universal Studios

Go all out for your date idea and head to Universal Studios, we say go big or go home and this is the exact way to do that!

5. UK Getaway

There are so many amazing destinations in the UK for a weekend getaway. Incorporating one of these destinations into your date would be amazing.

6. Master a Unicycle

See if you have got what it takes to ride a unicycle. This requires a lot of skills and patience but we are sure you can master it for a date.


1. Go on Vacation

Make it the ultimate date idea by heading on a vacation. This could be anywhere in the world or just away for a weekend in a hotel not too far away from you.

2. See a Variety Show

Keep yourselves entertained with a variety show, with so many different acts that will make up the entire show you will be able to enjoy musical, comedy and more.

3. Explore Vintage Shops

Are you a couple of fashion lovers? Step away from fast fashion and explore some of the vintage shops around your local area.

4. Eat Some Vegetarian/­Vegan Food

Be kinder to the environment and be vegetarian or even vegan for the day. See how you feel about going meat free, you never know it might be the thing for you.

5. Head to a Vineyard

Calling all wine lovers out there…get together and enjoy a trip to a vineyard. This is a great experience for you to enjoy to see how wine is created.

6. Visit Family or Friends

Sometimes people love the quality time with all their loved ones. Why not get together and make some plans with family or friends.


1. Go for a Walk

A nice walk along a country lane, woods or park always goes down a treat. Take a flask of hot tea or coffee and some snacks or even stop off at a café along the way.

2. Water Park

Splash and slide your way around a water park. What is more fun than heading to your local water park or going on a trip to the best one around and having some fun.

3. Weekend Getaway

Hire out a lodge, log cabin or even a treehouse for a relaxing weekend getaway. It would be the ultimate date night experience that both of you will love.

4. Wine or Whiskey Tasting

Taste your way through a variety of different wine or whiskeys in a tasting session. It’s the perfect experience if you love certain wines or whiskeys.

5. Go to a Wildlife Park

Everyone loves nature and wildlife right? Head out to a wildlife park and learn all about the animals. Knowsley Safari Park is our personal favourite!

6. Do a Walking Tour

We bet in your local city you will have a walking tour that you’ve never done. It’s a great way to learn all about the city and you will probably learn something you didn’t know!


1. Play Xbox

Almost every couple will have at least one person with an Xbox. Why not make a date night out of it and play your favourite games, you could even turn it into a competition?

2. Watch X-Men

A classic film series that everyone loves. Why not do a movie marathon and watch all of the X-Men films? Make sure you grab some popcorn.

3. X Marks the Spot - Make Your Own Treasure Hunt

Try out something new and complete your own treasure hunt. This could be with different challenges or just some riddles to find the next spot.


1. Yoga

Relax and channel your inner zen with a spot of yoga. You will find that it is an exercise that will bring you both together as you practise breathing and meditating.

2. Rent a Yurt

Similar to a tent but not quite, enjoy a fun and unique experience and rent a yurt for your date weekend. A camping trip like no other.

3. Say Yes to Everything for One Day

This could go one way or another. It could be a day full of amazing things or a day that you will regret saying yes to.


1. Zoo

Who can turn down a trip to the zoo? It’s the best place to go as a couple, check out all the animals, have some food and learn all about the animals.

2. Zip Wire

If you and your other half adrenaline junkies? If so, then a zip wire experience will be a great date night idea if you want to make sure it’s something to remember.

3. Zero Gravity Flight

See what it would be like to go up in space with a zero gravity flight. This is not for the faint hearted but it’s definitely an experience that you’ll both enjoy.

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