Change Things Up with Surprise Date Ideas

Change Things Up with Surprise Date Ideas

Did you know that couples who continue to date tend to stick together longer? According to a study that followed couples for 10 years conducted by The Marriage Foundation, couples that went out once a month were more likely to last. Therefore, surprise date ideas for date nights can be an important part of building a healthy relationship. 

While date nights are definitely important, it's also easy to get trapped in a routine so well-defined that going out with your partner becomes more like another thing to check off the list than actually having a good time. Sometimes, shaking things up is a good way to light a new spark in the relationship. So, skip the hum-drum and ho-hum of standard dinner out and a movie. Check out these surprise date ideas to show your significant other a more memorable night. 

5 Surprise Date Ideas for Couples 

1. Plan a Moonlit Picnic 

Picnics always make for romantic dates, but change things up a bit and go for surprise date ideas like one that takes place well after the sun goes down. Pack up your picnic meal, some candles, or a lantern, and pick a quiet spot where you can share food and laugh in the moonlight. If you want to really up the surprise factor and your partner likes spontaneity, plan a midnight picnic with a bottle of wine and late-night finger foods, and head out on a truly late-night adventure while most of the world is asleep.  

2. Take a Spontaneous Day Trip to Somewhere New 

Traveling to new places is shown to help people adapt to differences, feel more open, and relieve stress, all of which can be valuable in a relationship. If you and your significant other only ever travel to the same places, plan a spontaneous trip to new, uncharted territory. Make it fun by dropping a collection of places in a hat and picking one at random, or by blindfolding your partner and allowing them to point out a place on a map.

You don't have to travel far for surprise date ideas to be fun. However, if you've got a few days off and a bit of extra room in your budget, consider packing an overnight bag and catching a random two-way flight to somewhere you've never been. Traveling on a whim can feel like an exciting excursion, and you will have to rely on each other to find something interesting to do or a place to stay once you arrive. 

3. Step Into New Roles of Personalities for the Evening Out 

Some family therapists claim that roleplaying (even outside of the bedroom) can actually be healthy for a relationship. You get to learn more about your partner, step outside of your comfort zones together, and even rekindle a sense of intimacy. To have some fun, pick random roles to play for the evening before heading out on surprise date ideas. Dress the parts, brush up on your acting skills, and carry on the act as two different people for the night. A few fun examples may be: 

  • Dressing up like Edward and Vivian from Pretty Woman
  • Donning outfits reminiscent of Barbie and Ken 
  • Suiting up like Men In Black Agents 
  • Dressing up like hippies or some other fun couple from the past 
  • Pretending to be totally opposite personalities than usual 

4. Create a Thrift Store Budget and Get Silly Together 

Some of the best surprise date ideas are those that keep you laughing, and a budget-friendly thrift-store date can do just that. Set a budget of something small, like $20 each, and then head out together to a local second-hand shop. Each person has to get a full outfit for the price and a gift for their partner. You can then proceed with the rest of your date in your outfits and save the surprise gift for after dinner. You can even make the thrift store date even more entertaining by: 

  • Enforcing a certain time or theme for the chosen outfits, such as the 70s or 80s or formalwear only 
  • Shopping separately and then surprise each other with your outfits when you actually put them on 
  • Finding cheap movies or board games to play after your date out moves to a night at home 

5. Plan a Day of Visiting Memorable Relationship-Related Destinations 

For couples that have been together a while, the spark can wear off at times. It can be easy to forget the emotions you had when the relationship first started. If this is something you can relate to in your relationship, one of the best surprise date ideas is to take a day to revisit some of the places that brought your union to life. A few places to revisit may include: 

  • The first place you ever laid eyes on each other 
  • The site of your first kiss
  • The spot where you were when you first realized you were in love 
  • The place you went to on your first date 

Surprise Date Ideas Delivered with DateBox 

Dating your partner, even in a long-term relationship, is something every couple should do. If you're looking for a date night at home that can be just as fun with surprise date ideas, be sure to order a date night box full of goodies that can be delivered right to your door. The DateBox includes everything the two of you need for a fun night, right down to snacks. Find your perfect DateBox from the DateBox Club. 

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