Create a Gratitude Pumpkin Together

Create a Gratitude Pumpkin Together

We have a fun November tradition where we talk about, celebrate, and write down everything we’re thankful for on our Gratitude Pumpkin (aka that leftover Halloween Pumpkin)…which then becomes the centerpiece of our Thanksgiving table decor. It's a festive way to have conversation, and express our gratitude in even the smallest things.

Supplies Needed for a Gratitude Pumpkin:
  1. Pumpkin (washed and dried)
  2. Sharpie

How to Make a Gratitude Pumpkin:

  1. Keep your (non-cut) pumpkin on your kitchen or dining room table with a sharpie so it’seasy to remember to write on it.
  2. Every evening when you eat dinner, discuss with your partner/family what you’re grateful for.
  3. Every evening, add a few things you’re grateful for, writing in a spiral around the pumpkin, or just jotting randomly. In our family, we each add 1-3 things every night.
  4. We start with the super important things we’re grateful for like our family members. 
  5. After we get through the important things, we start adding the fun and silly things we’re grateful for like coffee, carpool lane, family game nights.
  6. We place our Gratitude Pumpkin on our Thanksgiving table as a centerpiece.

If you celebrate Thanksgiving with several families, invite them to join you in this November tradition and bring their own Gratitude Pumpkin to decorate the table too.

You can also have a blank pumpkin for everyone to sign at Thanksgiving. Get creative!

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