50 Date Night ideas that are AWESOME

50 Date Night ideas that are AWESOME

Our Date Night Ideas List will have you and your sweetie covered for cool date ideas without breaking the bank. We know how it is, after a long week you're tired and a little out of steam. Trying to wrangle a babysitter for a Friday night can be expensive. All you really want is some quality time together, and some fun dates. Well don't worry, we have you covered! We've also included links for downloads, and ideas that will help you complete your date night with a minimal amount of pre-planning.
  1. Have an indoor picnic. Make it simple, or go all in with this awesome menu and tips: "How to Throw a Perfect Picnic" from @foodnetwork
  2. Beer tasting - Download this free Tasting Guide from @brewersfriend
  3. Ice cream night. Buy small containers so you can both have your favorite flavor. Talk about ice cream memories from when you were young. Or go all out, and make your own ice cream!
  4. Make Sushi together. Here is a quick start video to get you going!
  5. YouTube karaoke. Yes that is actually a thing!!! Search karaoke on YouTube and you will find tons of karaoke versions of songs - search on the term: karaoke version.
  6. Paint together on a big canvas. Or order one of our Paint Night Date Nights here on Amazon.
  7. Take a “How Well do you Know Each Other” trivia quiz.
  8. Wine pairing night. Make some tasty bites to nibble & sip - download this free pairing chart.
  9. Stargaze together and see how many constellations you can find. Here are 10 free stargazing apps to download.
  10. Roast hot dogs and marshmallows over a fire pit (or barbecue).
  11. Play video games together. We like co-op style ages so we can play together.
  12. Put an air mattress or comfy blankets on the living room floor and fall asleep watching a movie. Here are of some of our favorite date night movies.
  13. Exchange foot rubs. You can order our spa box here for some great reflexology together.
  14. Enjoy fondue - we have an entire Pinterest board of fondue to get you inspired.
  15. Make it a candle lit night.
  16. Prepare dinner from another culture together. Play music and watch a movie that celebrates that area. Lady and the Tramp or Great Gatsby make fun dinner date nights!
  17. Have a Barcelona inspired tapas night > click here for some easy recipes.
  18. Play a board game, here are our Top 10 two player games.
  19. Make bath bombs together, and try them out in a bubble bath.
  20. Work together to make a mix tape of songs from when you were first together. We love to play around and decorate ours for free on Suan.fm
  21. Dress up for each other. Wear fancy clothes and set a fancy table. Dust off that tuxedo and high heels, and why not take some pics for Instagram?
  22. Chopped Challenge at home. Have a friend fill a bag with ingredients neither of you know about. Set a timer and race the clock together.
  23. Do a puzzle together. We have a fantastic Puzzle War date box on Amazon you might enjoy!
  24. Make a homemade pizza. Boboli and a jar of sauce and some toppings makes this pretty easy. However, if you want to get fancy, you can order a meal kit delivery like this one from FreshEggs.com.
  25. Spend some time writing out 10-15 memories each from when you were in grammar school. Then read them out loud to each other.
  26. Blind taste test. Each of you collect some yummy treats like peanut butter, cool whip, pixie sticks, honey, cream cheese, strawberries, etc. Use an eye mask as a blindfold. Take turns bringing out an ingredient.
  27. Organize digital family pictures together and make an album from a vacation.
  28. Make your own massage oil.
  29. Unplug from everything for the evening.
  30. Read aloud to each other. Sounds weird? Check it out here.
  31. Play a childhood game like corn hole or horseshoes.
  32. Learn a new hobby together. We took a mosaic class together, and it's so much fun!
  33. Play darts.
  34. Plan a road trip across America. Plan state by state as you complete this puzzle. Also, take a look at our "Road Trip Games for Couples" - so fun for when you actually take that trip!
  35. Dream together. Talk about where you’d like to be in the next 5, 10, 15 years in your relationship, with the kids, with finances, in your careers, etc.
  36. Take YouTube dance lessons. Salsa anyone?
  37. Do a “Skype” double date with a friend couple who has moved cross country. Play Taboo with mixed teams.
  38. Play "I Love You" in many languages - free download here.
  39. Play cards. We like Golf.
  40. Have a really special fancy dessert from a near by bakery.
  41. Make chocolate dipped strawberries together.
  42. Create an Acronym for each other's names... try it out for free online to see a sample.
  43. Search zillow for your dream home.
  44. Exchange a scalp massage... or get really silly and use this without giggling.
  45. Watch a documentary together and talk about it. Here is the Top 100 from Rotten Tomatoes.
  46. Create a Panodash together using your phone.
  47. Make fancy popcorn.
  48. Have some great conversation > download, print and cut out our free Magic-Gro conversation cards.
  49. Look at your wedding album.
  50. Start a journal together. Write love notes in it and keep it near your bed. Here is our post on Love Notes and some writing tips.


Of course, our favorite date night is a subscription to DateBoxClub. Every month is fresh, new and creative! Do you have a favorite date night at home we should add? Leave a comment so we can add it!

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