Explore Your City with Airbnb

Explore Your City with Airbnb

Exploring your own city like a tourist can seem like a ho-hum date night. We live in the Bay Area, and we host loads of out-of-town guests, so we're on top of exploring San Francisco like a tourist. However, what about some of those deep dive experiences that aren't in the guide books and on Trip Advisor? How do you find someone with a paddle board that wants to take you to a secret cove, a barista willing to teach you some Latte art or a local chef that goes foraging?

These are the little gems that we look to experience together as a couple. The out of the box items that might be easy enough to do, yet a little tricky to find. Well look no further...we have you covered. Did you know that Airbnb is more than lodging, they also offer local host unique experiences. Simply visit their site, and click on the experiences button.

Airbnb experiences aren't available in all cities yet, however this is also an excellent time to put in your bid as a local host! What kind of cool experience could you offer in your city or home to other couples that are visiting? Sign-up is easy, and just think of the adventure in your own back yard!

Here are some of the fun things we found with just a few clicks:

San Francisco




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