Scary Movie Date Night Bingo

Scary Movie Date Night Bingo

Sometimes curling up on the couch with your honey, and making it a movie date night is a perfect evening! Extra points if you have a fire place lit, and some popcorn to share.  And when it's October, movie nights can suddenly turn into scary movie nights. We want to kick this date night up a notch, and add our FREE Scary Movie Bingo printables!

We're keeping tabs on the best Halloween movies on Netflix, so that you can plan accordingly. If you're looking to get into the Halloween spirit, here are some of the best spooky movies on Netflix right now.



In the latest mega-hit adaptation of the Stephen King classic, a group of outcasts have to face down the terrifying, murderous clown Pennywise and tackle their own inner demons along the way.



Carmen Ejogo (Selma, True Detective) is fierce in this movie about a single mother, Katrina, who must kill a stranger to save her daughter. On a long drive across Texas, Katrina gets a flat tire, and her daughter Clara wanders off while she changes it. Clara is bitten by a rattlesnake but saved by a mysterious woman living in a nearby trailer. Katrina's relief soon turns to panic when she learns that because Clara’s life was spared, another soul must be taken to repay the debt.



This famous thriller, about two detectives (Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt) tackling the case of a murder who stages his elaborate crimes to evoke the seven deadly sins, is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat, even if you do already know the answer to the question, "what's in the box?"

The Conjuring


Paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren have popped up as characters in many horror movies since this tale of demonic possession premiered in 2013. Set in the 1970s, The Conjuring is as close to a modern classic as it gets.

A Nightmare on Elm Street


Halloween season just wouldn't be complete without a classic '80s teen slasher, and this Wes Craven essential—starring Robert Englund as the iconic Freddy Kreuger, a blade-gloved murderer who kills in dreams—fits the bill to a T.



In 1905, when Thomas (Downton Abbey's Dan Stevens) discovers his sister is being held for ransom by a cult, by a dangerous cult, he infiltrates the island where the cult lives to try and find a way to get her back, encountering horrors he never anticipated along the way.



You know how in too many horror movies, the audience ends up screaming at the screen “just move out of the house!”? In Insidious, the family does move out, but it still isn’t enough to rid them of the evil that stalks them. They get credit for at least trying, unlike every other horror movie family...

Let Me In


In the remake of the Swedish hit Let the Right One In, Chloë Grace Moretz stars as a mysterious little girl who moves in next door to a bullied young boy. The two quickly become friends, but when she disappears amidst a series of gruesome murders, it slowly becomes clear that there may be more to her than it seems.

In the Tall Grass


There are dozens of Stephen King films to choose from, and this 2019 Netflix original should definitely be on your list. In the Tall Grass, first published as a short story in Esquire, follows two siblings who hear the cries of a child and descend into six-foot high grasslands in rural Kansas. What they find is anything but ordinary.

The Ritual


This Netflix original film is already making waves as a motion sickness-free descendant of The Blair Witch Project. The story kicks off with four hapless friends venturing into the Swedish wilderness on a hiking expedition. Naturally (or should we say supernaturally) things quickly get out of hand as mysterious runes, dead animals, and unsettling totems begin to litter their path, none of them half as frightening as the unidentifiable creature moving through the trees.

Gerald's Game


Stephen King is a master of manipulating the mundane into genuine terror, so it's hardly a surprise that this chilling Netflix original is based on one of his novels. In an attempt to reignite their passion, Jessie and Gerald set out on a sexy weekend at an isolated cottage, but things quickly take a turn for the worse when Gerald suddenly collapses on top of her her from a fatal heart attack, leaving Jessie helplessly handcuffed to the bed.

Little Evil


This horror-comedy puts a new spin on the evil child trope. Starring Adam Scott as Gary, whose happily ever after with Samantha is being thrown off-kilter by Samantha's quiet, sometimes disturbing son, Lucas. But as Gary tries to connect to his new stepson, he begins to suspect that the boy might in fact be the Antichrist.



Nominated for seven Goya awards, this 2017 Spanish import has garnered a reputation as one of the scariest films on Netflix right now, with many viewers claiming that the sheer terror it evokes makes it nearly impossible to watch the whole way through. For those who just can't get enough of fright night, the gauntlet has been thrown.



A horror story for anyone who's ever used Craigslist. Videographer Aaron gets a lot more than he bargained for when he signs on to help charming oddball Josef create a final message before his approaching death from an inoperable brain tumor in this twisting, indie horror.



What better to watch for Halloween than, well, Halloween? This 2007 remake retells the tale of murderous mayhem that occurs when the famous be-masked Michael Meyers escapes form a mental institution on, you guessed it, Halloween.

The Perfection


In this twisting horror, Allison Williams stars as Charlotte, a former musical prodigy who returns to her mentors only to find her position has been subsumed by another promising young student—and sets out to change that fact, in bloody fashion.

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark


For everyone who ever sat around a campfire with a copy of the famous short story collection of the same name, this film version is both nostalgic and scary.

The Cave


A group of divers (including a pre-Yellowstone Cole Hauser) goes looking for lifeforms in a hidden, underwater cave system—and find it, unfortunately for them.

Scary Movie 4


If you're looking for laughs, this long-running franchise takes satirical aim at scarers like Saw for some Halloween fun.



Farmer Amanda (Sandra Oh) finds her life turned upside down in terrifying fashion when she receives the ashes of her deceased mother, whose spirit begins haunting her and her daughter.

Dark Shadows


Based on the cult-favorite goth soap opera, this Tim Burton flick about a vampire who returns to his former estate to meet his descendants is equal parts spooky and funny.

Blair Witch


A follow-up to 1999's hit The Blair Witch Project, this film follows the brother of one of the characters from the original film who disappeared, and a group of his friends as they delve into the mystery of what happened to his sister.


Think of this critical-darling as a twist on the old horror movie trope of characters who have sex getting murdered. The film centers on Jay, a young woman desperately trying to survive a curse that is passed between sexual partners.

The Rental


Starring Alison Brie, Dan Stevens, and Jeremy Allen White (The Bear) tells the story of two couples who find themselves in the vacation house from hell as they begin to suspect someone is watching them on their idyllic weekend away.

Thirteen Ghosts


A widower (Tony Shalhoub) and his two children find themselves in supernatural trouble when the house they inherited from an eccentric uncle turns out to not only be infested with ghosts, but also part of a far deadlier plot against them.

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