How to Write a Love Letter to Your Partner

How to Write a Love Letter to Your Partner

Love Letter Date Night 

Love letters bring to mind bundles of faded envelopes, tied together with twine, truths and tears. In this fast paced life, we're screeching through with barely enough time to send a proper text (double points for including an emoji heart). This month, take some intentional time to express yourself. Not in a Hallmark sort of way, but in a completely heartfelt way. Writing a Love Letter to Your spouse doesn't have to be hard, especially if you follow our format. Find your own groove, and let our guide give you the basics to capture hearts, and inspire a run for the tissues.

Step 1: Set The Atmosphere:

  • Select some special stationary
  • Light a candle & get lost for a few minutes in the glow & aroma
  • Slow down, tune in to a romantic playlist (skip to the bottom for one we've included)

Step 2: Pick a Topic (use your own creativity):

  • Smile/Eyes
  • Rockin’ body
  • Where you met
  • Generous spirit
  • Love making
  • Time apart from each other
  • Provider
  • Spiritual leader
  • You're an amazing parent

Step 3: Follow our Easy Format:

  • Keepsake. Date your Love Letter (month, day, year). This is a letter that will be treasured and remembered. You can bet that it will be read over and over and safeguarded in a special place.
  • Greeting. Choose an endearing salutation. Don't be formal. Use your love's first name. For example: "My dearest Wendy . . ." or "My darling Mike . . ."
  • Beginning. Start your Love Letter by telling your beloved your reasons for writing. For instance: "I have lain awake many sleepless nights trying to compose words that might adequately describe the feelings of my heart.
  • Body. The body of the Love Letter should include reasons for why you fell in love, or relate to the topic you picked. Here are some ideas:
    • recall when you fell in love with him/her
    • explain how your life has changed for the better
    • describe how much you miss your love when you're apart
    • explain that you can't imagine life without him/her
    • list some of the many things you have in common
    • tell how wonderful and complete he/she makes you feel
    • recall some special moments you've shared together
    • mention times you've picked him/her out of a crowd
    • list qualities that set him/her apart from everyone else
  • Closing. End your Love Letter with carefully worded prose: "There, I have said it. I can rest now. And as I dream, I will dream of you." Make your closing upbeat and positive.
  • Valediction. Don't just end with: "Love, Mark." Even if you said, "All my love," it would be better. You become even more romantic by writing something like: "Dream of me, my love..." What you want is a simple, yet heartfelt goodbye. Be prepared to have it quoted to you in years to come.

If you want to read some great love letters (remember Carrie & Big?) to each other, here are some fun reads: "The 50 Greatest Love Letters of All Time", and another favorite "Other People's Love Letters: 150 Letters You Were Never Meant to See".

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