Keeping the Spark Alive

Keeping the Spark Alive

Welcome to adulting… the time where the responsibilities pile up, and romance sometimes takes a backseat to work deadlines, dirty dishes, and wrangling little humans. 

Keeping the spark alive in your relationship doesn't have to feel like an exhausting mission impossible. We've got some easy tips and ideas to reignite that fiery passion and remind you why you fell in love in the first place. So, grab your partner, put on your dancing shoes (or comfy slippers), and let's dive into these tried-and-true methods that are guaranteed to make sparks fly!

  1. Have a themed date night: Spice up your evenings by embracing your inner child and having a themed date night. Whether you decide to don superhero costumes and save the world (or just rescue your favorite takeout joint) or throw it back to the '80s with neon colors and big hair, letting loose and embracing your playful side can inject a much-needed dose of excitement into your relationship.
  2. Surprise each other: Keep the thrill alive by planning unexpected gestures for your partner. Surprise them with breakfast in bed, hide little love notes in their pockets, or plan a spontaneous weekend getaway to a destination neither of you has ever been to. The element of surprise adds a delightful spark to your routine and keeps things fresh.
  3. Laugh together: Laughter truly is the best medicine. Share funny videos, watch sitcoms, or attend a comedy show together (even if it’s on Netflix). Research shows that couples who laugh together regularly tend to have more satisfying relationships. So, unleash your inner comedians and let the giggles reign!
  4. Take up a new hobby as a duo: Explore uncharted territories together by diving headfirst into a new hobby or activity. Whether it's cooking classes, salsa dancing, or learning a musical instrument, the shared experience of mastering something new will not only deepen your bond but also provide endless opportunities for laughter and inside jokes.
  5. Rediscover intimacy: Intimacy is more than just the physical aspect; it's about emotional connection and vulnerability. Set aside dedicated time for intimate conversations where you can truly connect with each other on a deeper level. Consider the Gottman method's concept of "Love Maps” and use it to explore your partner's inner world and show genuine interest in their dreams, fears, and aspirations. Download our free Gottman Love Maps inspired game printable here.
  6. Recreate your first date: Ah, nostalgia! Take a trip down memory lane by recreating your first date. Dress up as you did back then, revisit the same restaurant, or relive those awkward-yet-charming moments. Not only will this remind you of the early days of your relationship, but it will also reignite that initial spark and remind you why you fell head over heels for each other.
  7. Unplug and reconnect: In this digital age, it's easy to get lost in the endless scroll of social media. Challenge yourselves to unplug for a day or even a weekend. Use that time to disconnect from the virtual world and reconnect with each other. Go for a nature hike, play board games, or have a deep conversation without the distraction of smartphones. You'll be amazed at how revitalizing it can be to give your undivided attention to your partner.
  8. Surprise love coupons: Create a booklet of personalized love coupons that your partner can redeem at any time. These can range from offering a massage, cooking their favorite meal, or even granting them a day off from household chores. It's a fun and playful way to show your love and give your partner something to look forward to. If you want to make it a "sexy coupon book" you can download our DIY version here. If you know their Love Language, you can create the coupons for their favorite language. Find out all about the Love Languages, and Take the FREE Love Language Quiz here.
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