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With all that’s going on in the world, date night delivered to your home is the easiest and safest way to carve out some quality time together. But maybe you just want to plan a little something yourself? We've got you covered.
Our team reviews loads of games and activities every month. Only a select few can make it into our box. We thought we would make a little list here of some of our favorites. The amazon links are here, so you can order a few and have them delivered. Maybe set up a surprise "game night" for you and your partner. If you're a DateBox member, you know we like to add some stakes to the game. We've included a link at the bottom of this post to our printable "Winner Tokens" - we filled some in, and left others blank for you to get creative!

Games We Love

Crazy Letters
This is a fun game of topsy turvy letters! They aren't scrambled, but might be written upside down, or backwards. It's a race to decode the words. This is a great family game, but also works well for two players.
One of our favorite games... if Yahtzee and poker had a baby, this would be it! Fast game play, multi player (or 2 player). The games go quickly, and they never feel tired. We like to add some betting components to this one!
Qwirkle Cubes
This twist on Qwirkle combines dominoes style game play with the added excitement found in dice-rolling games. Players can roll their cubes for a chance to get the colors and shapes they want to score more points. Complete a line of 6 tiles with no duplicate attributes to score a “Qwirkle!” This is very family friendly as well.
This is such a classic, but overlooked by many. It's basically the original Candy Crush! Sandwich your opponent with your pieces, and claim them. Simple to learn, difficult to master, we love the light strategy and how it's different very game. Buy it Here.
Are you good at word scrambles? Take a look at the circular letters... what do they spell? The first person to shout the correct answer collects the point. Simple? Yes! Fun? VERY!
Make it more exciting with our Winner Tokens!

Get some skin in the game! Download our free token sheet, and fill in what YOU want to play for! If it's with your kids, maybe they want some screen time, or maybe you'd like a day with no chores? Download our fun sheet HERE and get creative - this will make game night even better.

Join thousands of happy couples every month that are building on their relationships one date night at a time.

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