Inroducing: DateBox Unzipped


Are you ready to take your relationship beyond date night and into the bedroom?
Our DateBox Unzipped™ is ready for some adult fun.

What's In The Box?

Our Unzipped Box arrives discreetly packaged in a pink box, with no logos or identifying markings.

Bath Bombs and Massage

Make your tub a sensual oasis with our fizzy bath bombs. Light our massage oil candle for ambiance, then use it melted for a hot massage you’ll never forget.

Mr. Ducky

This handsome fellow is a pleasure powerhouse. Both men and women will enjoy his talents. He’s waterproof, and rechargeable - plus, he’s so cute, you won’t mind if he is discovered.

DateBox Unzipped Spice Deck

This is a NSFW deck of cards. Our DateBox Club members know that we always provide that extra layer of connection. The Spice Deck is HOT. It includes a naughty game that will keep you entertained, and a fantastic array of bedroom challenges.

Feather Tickler

The possibilities are endless, and don’t include any tidying up.

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The Bomb

The box was exactly as pictured, and a LOT of fun for both us!

Kelly, Chicago, IL

Shower Time

Mr. Ducky is great in the shower too! We both enjoyed him.

Parker, Provo, UT

The Texting is HOT

Really added some (steamy) surprises to our otherwise boring texts.

Sarah, Austin, TX

What I Hoped

This box made it easy to try out somethig new in the bedroom. Liked it.

Erin, Phoenix, AZ