Large Orders

We work with groups and orders of all sizes. We can customize an order, or even add your branding.

We also offer faith-based options for churches and religious groups.

Corporate Gifting and Large Orders

Are you looking to send more than a few DateBox Club Subscriptions? Or maybe you’d like us to customize a single purchase for your employees or guests? These services are right up our alley.

Large Orders

We can accommodate larger orders and make it easy for you to order. We do it all the time.

Send an email to and he can help you.

Custom Orders

We LOVE to customize orders - seriously, we do! Our favorite thing in the world is connecting people, and shipping them experiences that will delight them. If you have a specific group of people, just shoot us an email and tell us what you’re trying to do. Maybe you’re looking to gift employees, or event attendees, or clients. Maybe you want a team building box for your next ZOOM call, we can do that too. We offer a range of easy to customize products and experiences.

Date night is certainly our jam, however connecting people is really our specialty. Some of the things we can do for you are:

  • Adding your logo and a printed note for your recipients.
  • Theming a box around something that your recipients will enjoy.
  • Revamping a past or current box, and adding another layer of customization for you
  • Digital Experiences: Our digital dates are a very economical way to deliver a custom experience to your recipient’s inbox. This saves you shipping fees, and still gives you a touchpoint.

Minimum Orders

  • Branded Personal Notes: 10 Boxes
  • Custom Theme: 20 Boxes


We make this part really easy. We will send you several options and prices that will fit your budget. It’s easiest if we know your ballpark, so we can help stretch your dollar. We want your custom box to be exploding with fun items, and we have the resources to pull it off. We also offer an in house design team that will tie everything together beautifully.

If you're just looking for better pricing on a large order (over 10 boxes) of DateBox Club, we offer that as well.


Here are samples of 2 custom orders. An employee wellness box, and an online Top Gun Movie team building night. We can do something great for your team as well.


Faith-based Options

If you are interested in faith-based options, we can add discussion questions that will help deepen a couple's relationship with God. We work with you so these questions are aligned with the teachings of your church or group.

Ready To Get More Info?

Send an email to and he can help you.