I’m sorry I had to lock you in this room. If it makes you feel better, I locked up all of the other couples too.

As you know, my health is failing and with no living children and my dear Sally gone (she really was my world), I have no one to pass on my fortune. This estate, my wealth, the vacation homes, the yacht, and the pop can collection...they all need to be left to someone...But not just anyone. I need a smart couple, one that works well together who can make my legacy grow. I think you may be the couple, but first you must play and win my little game.

The game is simple. Use the items in the envelope to solve 4 challenges. You’ll need a technology doodad to get the clues (& hints if you must) and input the codes. Once you’ve solved all of the challenges, you will be able to open the box. Once it’s been opened, the door will automatically unlock and you will be free to go. Answers are provided at the bottom of each challenge screen if you're completely stuck.

If you do want to play, handcuff yourselves to each other. Once those are firmly in place, you may open the envelope and attempt the first challenge.

Billy Streidle,
CEO and founder of Streidle Enterprises
AKA the Soda Pop Tycoon