Not So Newlywed Game FAQs

Not So Newlywed Game FAQs

HOW MANY People do i need?

We can work with just about any number. However, to keep the excitement at a peak we suggest:

  • In Person: 9 couples to 20 couples
  • Zoom: 4 couples to 30 couples


We really make this as easy as possible. No complicated rules or set-up. If you've seen the Newlywed game, then you have a good understanding.


  • We ask each couple 3 basic questions for our intro.
  • We divide the couples into 4 groups, seated side by side, and given white board "Truth Tablets".
  • We explain the basic rules, and proceed to ask each couple the same question. After answers are recorded on the white board tablets, we ask the partners to reveal their answers.
  • The audience is given the chance to place wagers on who they think will win the rounds, and this keeps everyone engaged!
  • Scores are recorded and we move through 3 sets of couples.
  • The winner from each set then enters the "Honeymoon Round" for the final showdown.


  • A room large enough for the group
  • Chairs for each couple
  • Mic (depending on room size) and projector (for Mac)
  • We supply the tablets & bring the tech


  • We play the rounds as above, however each couple is visible the whole time. The score board is projected on the main presenter view. For larger groups, we use breakout rooms. For long distance participants, everyone uses their own zoom, and we assign a color to each couple, so they are visually together. We encourage them to change their ZOOM background color to match each other.


In Person: This is our favorite gig. We BRING the energy. For groups up to 25 couples, our fee is $3500 + travel & room from California for 2 people. We are minimalist travelers, and will always take the most cost effective means.

For groups over 25 couples, we add $1500 and an extra traveler expense.

For ZOOM events, we charge $1500 for up to 20 couples, and $200 per couple after that.

What are the prizes?

We gift your event a 6 month subscription of DateBox Club, plus 6 conversation decks. If you have sponsored prizes you prefer to gift, that's not problem, however it doesn't change our price.