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The Knot + DateBox

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The Knot + DateBox

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With DateBox Club, you'll be taking your relationship to the next level. Thousands of couples every month have discovered the secret of date night at home.

The KNOT Exclusive Offer

The special KNOT6FREE code gets you our best deal. We will automatically apply your discount when you add it to cart here. It includes:

- 6 months of date night boxes -

- 6 FREE digital dates -

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We craft awesome, one-of-a-kind dates that will have you laughing, connecting, and enjoying each other in totally new ways each month. Popular themes are DIY, Game Night, Deep Connection & Adventure - it’s a new surprise at your door every month. Trust us, your relationship deserves this.


No need to pay an Uber when you’re with DateBox Club - you’ll likely save money with our date nights. Our dates are cheaper than your basic ‘dinner and a movie’ date and they’re WAY more fun. Plus Everything you need for your perfect date is included, and delivered straight to your door. No running to the store or extra effort on your end.

$10 Hot ones BONUS

When you sign up, we will send you a link to download our wildly popular "Hot Ones" digital date! This is a modern twist on "The Newlywed Game" and is perfect for any couple, or even a double date. Normally $10, it's yours FREE to play right away.

Take a Peek Inside Our Recent Boxes

Playing with Heartstrings

String Art DIY

Our custom string art kit will really excite your inner DIY creativity. We've included everything, right down to the hammers, and plenty of materials for future fun. Even the strawberry licorice laces are part of the theme, along with our signature connector table tents & a candle. Go ahead and play!

Hot topics

Game Night

Packed with 2 date nights, and ready to take on 2-6 players! Celebrate summer with our lightening fast TurboTopics game, and then jump to our spin on the hilarious "Hot Ones" web show! This box is ready for multiple date nights - you won't want to miss a HOT minute of the action.

Date Night Match-Up

Competition Game Night

Our Date Night Match-Up game packs 45 games into one box! Our box holds 6 cups, 6 balls, 8 die, chop sticks, straws, challenge tokens, rewards cards and 45 challenge cards. This will cover many date nights, over and over. It's also a great box to double date with another couple.

Summer of Love

Tie Dye DIY

You'll want to dive straight into the Tie Dye trend with our custom DIY kit! Everything is included, including 2 masks, bandanas & simple instructions. Ease on into some outrageous conversations with our Groovy Deck, and enjoy the peach candle and snacks.

Box of Happiness

We literally track our box daily when it’s on it’s way. It’s that good.

Mark, Houston, TX

Exceptional Quality

The packaging and contents are perfect. LOVE the instruction cards.

Maggie, Salem, MA

Love the Surprise

We get so excited to see what’s coming, we never look at the sneak peeks.

Shannon, Fort Myers, FL

Really Creative

LOVED it so much we signed up for another year! Seriously great.

Ryan, Oshkosh, WI

Thank You DateBox Club

After 5 years, you're still surprising us!
It's like Christmas every month.
Jo and Frank, Dallas Texas

Who Knew we could paint?

We're not artistic at all, but our paint night came out GREAT!
Thanks for making me look like I did some serious planning.
Michael, Tampa, FL

hot ones was the bomb

Hot Ones is our favorite couples show
the questions and the sauces kept getting hotter
Derek & Amelia, San Jose, CA

Loved The Eight Dates Book

We took the Eight Dates book on vacation and felt like we
got our own personal marriage retreat.
Ken and Angie, Pembroke, VA

We love the GAME NIGHTs

Truth or Dare Jenga was hysterical.
We get super competitive to win the love tokens.
Carla and Vince, Salt Lake City, Utah

The themes are fresh

Everything ties together for a complete evening.
We also love how clever the question decks are.
Cindy and Luke, Boulder, CO

Everything is unique

You can't get these products anywhere else, it's always
something special when you open the box. It never disappoints.
Ken and Angie, Pembroke, VA

this book is amazing

I cried when we exchanged our books. My husband told
me things I will cherish forever. I can't thank you enough.
Clarissa, Youngstown, OH