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10 Tips to Create a Sexy Bath for Two

Creating a sexy bath for date night at home is one of the quickest and easiest transformations you can make. A long and totally sensual bath tub date night is the perfect activity to unwind and connect. It's just as sexy as skinny-dipping, only far more intimate. Here are our 10 favorite ways to transform your rub a dub tub into a sexy and intimate date night experience.

1. Create a magical starry sky

What could be more romantic than a hot tub under the stars with your partner? Maybe you can’t run off to the Alps for an outdoor hot springs, but you can create the same ambiance with the BlissLights Sky Lite - LED Laser Star Projector. You can easily move this into any room…. the moods and rooms are endless! Heck, you can use it while you’re cooking dinner and dine under the stars! Cost: $44.99 on Amazon

2. Romantic Playlist & Speaker

Nothing sets the mood like some great music. Put together a great playlist of your favorites, or swipe a pre-made one from Spotify. We recommend a water resistant speaker like this JBL Clip for $39 as well. Bath time is noisy & echoey, so a powerful little speaker will ensure you can hear the sweet music!

3. Make those Bubbles Count!

Do you want thick silky bubbles like you see in the movies? Look no further than Dr. Teals Foaming Bath, which is available in all sorts of great scents. We like the eucalyptus & spearmint, but you pick your favorite. At $5 you really can’t go wrong. And let’s face it, splashing around and blowing bubbles at each other will ignite your inner child.


3. Rose Petal Soaps

Is there anything more romantic than rose petals? Roses are so beautiful and instantly spark romance. These beauties are doing double duty. Not only are they pretty, but they are scented soaps! You can pick these Rose Petal soaps up for $9. You could even leave one on the counter with a date night bath invitation for your sweetie!

5. Make it a Sensuous Shampoo

You know how wonderful it feels to have your hair washed and massaged at the salon? Well you can create that wonderful spa feeling with your partner. 

Start with a thick and foamy shampoo like the great smelling Herbal Essence shampoos.

Interlace your fingers and place your hands on top of your partner’s head so that your palms are above his ears. Begin gently pressing and rubbing the bottom of your palms against their scalp, then work your way down the back of their head, back up toward the top, and all the way to their forehead. Improvise as needed to get all the shampoo massaged into a supersudsy froth. You can even get super fancy and use a $4 scalp massager for the shampoo.  Spend a little time kneading their earlobes (an easily stimulated area) when you're done with their scalp. Use a large plastic cup with clean, warm water, to gently rinse out the shampoo.

6. Candles

We’re a huge fan of Mrs. Meyer’s Soy Candles. With a price tag of under $20, this pair of candles is a major steal — and the quality is all there, too. The jarred aromatherapy candles are made from soy and vegetable waxes, and they get their lovely scent from a blend of natural essential oils. The cotton wick boasts a burn time of 25 to 35 hours. We also like that these are sturdy, and can be placed on the counter without worry of a splash out or a spill.

7. Tub Time Intimacy Box

If you’re getting excited about a sexy bath, then look no further than our Adult Tub Time Box! We’ve packed everything you need into one tidy little package. This is a top seller in our Unzipped Adult line of products. The Tub Time box has 2 bath bombs, a feather ticker, a sensual oil candle, our exclusive adult deck with an adult game and challenges, and Mr. Ducky, our most popular vibrator. Mr. Ducky is designed to be used in the tub, and you’ll be surprised at what he has to offer (no kidding)! $69.95

8. Dive into the Great Conversations (the other foreplay)!

After the washing and bubble play, why not settle in for some deeper connections? Great conversations are the magic that draws us closer and cements our paths. Many people will tell you that a great conversation is the best foreplay to draw from. You can print out our FREE “How Well Do You Know Your Partner” quiz for some great questions. There are 70 questions to choose from, so just decide how deep you want to go.

9. Bring on the Other Bubbles

The bath wouldn’t be complete without some adult libations. We are partial to the romance of bubbly drinks, like Champagne or Prosecco. You can also make some great champagne cocktails like mimosas, or a champagne mojito - here are some great recipes

We do recommend a plastic ice bucket to keep your bottle nice and chilled as you steam up the tub. 

10. Chocolate - the fastest way to my Heart

If you’re going all in on this long and sensual bath date night, you may want a few snacks to have on hand. Selecting items that are easy to eat with wet hands is key. Skip over the cheese and crackers, and opt in for some bite sized chocolates like these assorted truffles for $8.50 a bag. Fresh berries or grapes also make a tub friendly snack.

Pick and choose from our 10 bath tips, and see what sparks your inner romance. Inviting your partner to a date night bath at home is an easy way to create romance and ambiance in an unexpected place. Do you have more tips we should include? Drop us a comment and let us know! 

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