20 Valentines Gifts Under $20

20 Valentines Gifts Under $20

Are you searching for the perfect Valentine's gift for your sweetie? We know how hard it can be to find something that won't break the bank - that's still over the top awesome and thoughtful! We've pulled together our top 20 favorite ideas. They are all under $20, and some of them are even FREE!

20 Valentines Gifts Under $20 

  1. Adorable DIY Valentine's decorated box with the sweetest message inside. Your Valentine can enjoy the candies, and save the note to read over and over. Find the full tutorial here. Cost: $5 
  2. Make a heart out of post-it notes for your Valentine to find in the morning! Each one holds a tiny love note or compliment for your special person! You can buy the sticky notes here. Cost $5
  3. Decorate some sweet bath bombs for your Valentine, and you're sure to make a splash! You can download our FREE PRINTABLE bath bomb tags here. Bath bombs are easy to find with a range of prices, we like these. Click HERE to see our 10 Tips for a Sexy Bath Cost $10
  4. Skip the boring card, and create a custom book of “50 Reasons Why I Love You So Much”. These sweet books come two in a set, and have 50 easy prompts to fill in that will have your sweetie swooning with delight. This is also fun to gift yourselves, to fill in for each other. This is a keepsake - and available here. Cost $15 for two
  5. Gift your Valentine a tackle box full of bait style candy, and add a cheesy message about being hooked on them. Cost: $15
  6. Make your Valentine breakfast in bed, and don't forget to serve it up with some extra love. Use these cute heart molds to form waffles or eggs into hearts. Cost $13
  7. Leave a love note from Cupid tucked into their pillow! This little DIY just takes a white pillow, a felt heart, and some thread. You can even use fabric flue. Cost $10 
  8. Use items from around your house to make some very clever & campy cards that will make your Valentine smile. DIY Cost $5
  9. Succulent Heart Valentine DIY. Recycle a Valentine candy box, or purchase a new one and fill it with mini succulents. You can leave them in their planters, or plant them in one of these silicone heart pans. Cost: $15
  10. Create a 5 Senses Valentine date night basket. Select a gift for each sense, and swap it with a tag telling them about the sense. You can download these cute 5 Senses Valentine tags and cards from Etsy for $7 to make it look super snazzy.
  11. Maybe your sweetie isn't into chocolates? Look no further than this funny DIY heart box of mini alcohol bottles! The tiny bottles are generally $2 each, and can be found at your local liquor store, or Total Wine.
  12. Wrap up 3 date nights for your Valentine! This is an unbelievable deal, and will give you some great quality moments together. You get our "50 Reasons I Love You So Much" books ($15 value) our Fondue Date Night with 4Play game ($30 value) and our Paint Night for two ($25 value). While supplies last: Cost $19.99 
  13. Is your Valentine a superhero? Of course they are - so why not make them the most adorable superhero bottle we've ever seen? This unique Valentine gift will be a treasure, and comes with multiple superhero choices, along with other options. Cost $19 
  14. Create a candy poster for your Valentine with all the adoration you can muster! It's so cute, they wont want to eat it. You can make this one your own with markers and poster board, or your can download this template for free here
  15. Give your Valentine an entire JAR of love notes with these adorable capsules. Each capsule comes with a slip of paper, the size of a fortune cookie. Write your custom note on each one, and re-roll into it's capsule. This will keep you busy for a bit, and your Valentine will be heart struck over their new "Love Pills". Cost $9 
  16. Take your Valentine on a journey with our fantastic Road Trip card deck! This colorful deck has double the ways to play: you can guess the destinations and roadside attractions in a trivia format, plus it's loaded with 52 questions to ask your partner! Family friendly, great for road trips, travel, or just conversation starters around the table. Cost: $10.99
  17. DIY Valentine's Jars full of sweet kisses and treats. You can decorate any jars you have, or purchase these chalkboard stickers to make them a little fancier. Filled with fun themes and treats, this is a sure winner. Cost $10
  18. Get creative with your Valentine card making, and WOW your sweetie with a one of a kind creation! Use what you have on-hand, or pick up a stack of pinks. Cost $12
  19. Make your Valentine a "Kiss Jar" filled with sweet little treats you can find at your local Dollar Store or CVS. Some ideas: scented lip balm, chocolate hearts, mints, and love notes! Cost: $15
  20. Who knows who better? Find out with our "Quiz Me Tender" quiz books! Each book has 100 questions about your partner - and the answers are hysterical. Set includes both books, and will cover multiple evenings of date night fun. Cost: $18.99 

Did you find your perfect Valentine's gift for your sweetheart? Our list of 20 Valentine Gifts Under $20 has something for every budget, and every taste.


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