Beer and Girl Scout Cookies Pairing Date Night

Beer and Girl Scout Cookies Pairing Date Night

It's that time. The order forms are making the rounds at work. The tables perched outside of stores, tiny voices beckoning and imploring you for support. Well, we have a tip: beer and Girl Scout cookies makes a GREAT date night pairing. We have you covered with everything you need to create a fun beer and Girl Scout cookie tasting date night at home. This is also just in time for St. Patricks Day, but really any time of year is beer and cookie time. Some breweries, like Woods Beer even release specially brewed Girl Scout pairing beers in March!

How to Host the Beer and Girl Scout Cookies Pairing Date Night:

Tip #1 – Download our Free Printable: Download our FREE Girl Scout Beer pairing placemat, Girl Scout Beer pairing chart, and our 20 Questions Game. You’ll get:

  • Our official pairing chart, to bring to your local grocery store.
  • A super cute beer and cookies placemat you can print at home to use for your date night.
  • Our 20 questions game, to play during your tasting. Print, and cut in 1/2 so you each have 20 questions to ask each other.

Tip #2 – Cookies: There are NINE different flavors of cookies, but you really only need 2-4 of each cookie (so, for a date night, one box of each is more than enough). AND, you absolutely don’t have to buy all 9 flavors. You can choose just a few to pair with a few bottles of beer, and you’re all set! If you need to purchase Girl Scout cookies online, find them here.

Tip #3 – Beer: This is less about ‘”expensive beer” and more about the experience, so don’t feel like you have to splurge on the beer. You can even buy a mixes pack of IPAs like this one from Laginatas for under $20 and pair using the reference guide. 

Girl Scout Cookies and Beer Pairing Guide

Thin Mints + Dry Stout

In style, as in beer pairing, avoid being too “matchy-matchy.” However, the dark chocolatey wafer character shared in a stout and a Thin Mint cookie work so well to elevate the cooling of mint that it is a pairing taboo we’re willing to risk. It’s an all-black tux with a cool green pocket square.

Beer Suggestions

  • Shooter McMunn’s | Lost Rhino Brewing Co. | Ashburn, VA
  • It’s My Island | Pocock Brewing Co. | Santa Clarita, CA
  • Shaft House Stout | Dostal Alley | Central City, CO

Caramel Delites/Samoas + German-Style Doppelbock

A cookie with so much going on for it, like the Caramel deLite’s toasted coconut, caramel and garnish of chocolate, needs a pairing to match the cookie’s intensity. Aim for a strong, malty doppelbock that lends complimentary flavors and a warming character that will help emulsify even the ooey-gooiest caramel.

Beer Suggestions

  • Smooth Like Jazz | Revelry Brewing Co. | Charleston, SC
  • St. Nigels’ Doppelbock | Front Range Brewing Co. | Lafayette, CO
  • Delaminator Doppelbock | Rip Current Brewery | San Marcos, CA

Shortbread/Trefoils + English Pale Ale/ESB

Want the secret to dynamite beer pairings? It’s simplicity. Trefoils might not get all of the Thin Mint glory, and ESB isn’t commanding any lines of beer geeks, but when the two work off of their strengths they elevate each other so that the Trefoils box ends up in recycling long before the green box escapes the freezer.

Beer Suggestions

  • Happy Amber | MadTree Brewing 2.0 | Cincinnati, OH
  • ESB | Hillman Beer | Asheville, NC
  • Bull Kelp ESB | San Juan Island Brewing Co. | Friday Harbor, WA

Peanut Butter Patties/Tagalongs + Belgian-style Quadrupel

All of that peanut butter will quickly coat your mouth. Instead of reaching for milk, pop the top on a Belgian-style quad, strong enough to cut through the nut butter and plenty of complex, fruity yeast notes to transform this into a fun play on peanut butter and jelly.

Beer Suggestions

  • BJ’s Quad | BJ’s Restaurant & Brewery | Boulder, CO
  • Kung Fu Smurf | Bastone Brewery | Royal Oak, MI
  • Deduction | Taxman Brewing Co. | Bargersville, IN

Savannah Smiles + Berliner-style Weisse

The game plan of sweet and sour should not be difficult for anyone to understand. You’re hoping for the cookie and wheat to offer a solid backdrop for the lemon and bright acidity to shoot around on your palate like the lasers in your 1st-grade school picture.

Beer Suggestions

  • Germophile | Rowley Farmhouse Ales | Santa Fe, NM
  • Nevada Weisse | IMBIB Custom Brews | Reno, NV
  • Athena | Creature Comforts Brewing Co. | Athens, GA

Peanut Butter Sandwich/Do-Si-Dos + American Brown Ale

Unassuming partners, but we all know once peanut butter and chocolate (malt) get together they know how to swing their partner round ‘n round then roll away to a half sashay. Now promenade!

Beer Suggestions

  • Wallops Island | Rocket Frog Brewing Co. | Sterling, VA
  • Groundswell Piloncillo Brown Ale | Groundswell Brewing Co. | Santee, CA
  • Davy Brown Ale | Figueroa Mountain Brewing | Buellton, CA

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