Benefits of a Date Night In

Benefits of a Date Night In

In today’s society, the art of the date night in has begun to flourish with couples. Date night itself is essential to keeping a relationship thriving, but it does not always have to involve a night out on the town. However, where once a date night in was often about safety with the pandemic, it also has added benefits, such as ease, convenience, comfort, and intimacy. And with Datebox Club, we make date night even easier!

Why Choose a Date Night In?

There are many reasons to choose to stay in for date night. Perhaps you prefer the comfort of home, you have kids who cannot be left alone, or a big night out isn’t in the budget. What remains true is that the benefits of a date night in result in a happier relationship. Yes, even if you’re married!  And this is really why Datebox Club was created: to make date night easy, convenient, and something to look forward to!

Look at the other benefits a date night in with Datebox Club includes:

All-Inclusive Date Night

Everything you need is included in each Datebox Club box. This means you have everything you need to plan a fun, relaxing evening in one box. You don’t need add-ons and you don’t have to worry about running to the store because you forgot something on your shopping list. A date night in means exactly that.

Moreover, if you have friends who could also use a night to connect as a couple, Datebox Club subscriptions can be gifted too!

A Focus on Each Other

Among the many benefits of a date night in, couples can take the time to either reconnect in their relationship or at least take the time for one another, rather than focusing on productivity. Date night shouldn’t be a chore. Every couple needs time for themselves aside from all of life’s regular demands and mundane tasks. The bills and household tasks will still be there; sometimes you just need some time to focus on each other instead.

Your relationship is not a series of boxes to be checked off a to-do list, and dating shouldn’t be either. Date nights at home make this easier to accomplish since you do not have to carve out specific times to go out, deal with reservations (or the possibility of not getting one), or anyone else’s schedule but your own.

This flexibility is also ideal for couples with kids in the picture, since it is not always easy trying to find time to get away, nor is finding or affording a babysitter (if needed). A date night in allows you to find the time as it is available at home and making that work for your situation!

Creative Date Nights

Another benefit of a date night in with Datebox Club is that you do not have to look far to get creative. Datebox Club boxes are all themed with fun ideas to try out. Sure, you can have a night in watching movies if that’s what you want! But if you’re also looking for new, one-of-a-kind experiences to keep each date night fresh despite staying home, a Datebox subscription is an easy way to do so!

While part of the fun of a Datebox Club box is the surprise theme each month, curious couples can also see what has been included in past boxes to get an idea of what types of activities may be in store for date night. Some boxes may include activities to engage you both creatively, some may be games designed to help you get to know each other better and encourage communication, and others still may be designed for comfort and indulgence.

And the best part is that these curated themes work for all types of couples, regardless of what brought you together or what your specific interests are: they work with your interests or encourage couples to get out of the box and try something new!

How Else Can Couples Benefit from a Date Night In?

There are other added benefits to a date night in as well. Date nights can demonstrate a commitment to a relationship, even if it’s already established, since it’s such a focus on each other. This creates an opportunity for communication and discovery for any couple.

Better yet, date nights may even be a benefit to your overall health. Happiness in relationships (and in general) is often used as a predictor of long life and how well we feel in general. And while some conditions will still need professionals to diagnose and treat, this can also do wonders to help mitigate mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, and more. Happiness may also factor into our stress levels, pain tolerance, blood pressure regulation, and more! Quality of life is essential to a healthy one.

If you are ready to try a date night in with the convenience of an affordable subscription that helps you do the heavy lifting, try out Datebox Club. You can pause a subscription at any time, so you don’t have to feel obligated if you are just looking to try it out first! Remove the hassle of planning a date night and worrying about everyone else’s schedule. We at Datebox Club are here to help you focus on you.
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