Romantic Date Nights At Home

Romantic Date Nights At Home Made Easy

Romantic Date Nights at Home Made Easy

It’s a familiar scenario for many couples: A scheduled date night is fast arriving, but no planning and necessary reservations are made yet.

Then there are those evenings when, miraculously, neither one of you has commitments to attend to. However, the thrill of spending quality time together gets eclipsed by panic over all the possible date night activities you can get into. “What do you want to do?” “Well, what do you want to do?”

Whether you’ve been together for a year or a decade, setting aside time to bond and enjoy each other’s company is essential in keeping your relationship healthy.

It’s also key in keeping that romantic spark alive.

Life doesn't have to get in the way of intimacy, though. Even with parenting duties, work and church responsibilities, running a household, maintaining friendships, and practicing your favorite self-care measures (whether it’s weekly yoga or the occasional camping trip), planning a date night doesn't have to be relegated to the bottom of your to-do list. All you need is a willingness to spend quality time together, mixed with some resourcefulness.

A date night tailored to your tastes, schedule, and budget

Why not make it a regular date night at home then?

Date nights at home are easier to plan and set up spontaneously, especially on evenings when the kids’ bedtime comes blessedly earlier than expected. Plus, a DIY date night at home can be as creative and romantic (maybe even more) than the usual dinner and movie. It’s also less expensive: no need to call the babysitter or pay parking fees just to spend time together. And the setting is already familiar and comfortable to you both, so, in lots of ways, you can be even more adventurous than you could be when you're out in public.

But just because it isn’t “fancy” doesn’t mean you forget the date night traditions that make the event special. Ask each other out properly as you would for a regular date, even if your date night at home is in five minutes. Dress up for it, and if you can, have a bouquet on hand. Dim the lights and put on your favorite romantic songs in the background. It's the small details that count in creating the perfect ambiance.

Little fun twists already make a big difference

Date night food doesn’t even have to be expensive to be special. For example, having brunch in the evening sounds indulgent, even if it's just a meal of French toast and bacon paired with fizzy mimosas. Better yet, ever tried having a dipping party for two by candlelight? Giggle like kids again as you dip freshly cut fruits in some creamy homemade fondue that you’ve prepared together and play quick rounds of silly but fun card games. P.S. Couple’s choice if you want to enjoy your romantic meal in the backyard, underneath the stars.

With date night activities, your partner’s interests are a good starting place. Are they competitive? Then bring out your board games and raise the stakes to make your matches more exciting. An aromatic oil massage at the end of the evening for the player with the highest score is a great prize. Make up rules so it’s not like the usual family matches. For example, only words relating to your favorite traits in each other will count in Wordtini.

All eyes on each other, please

Couples’ crafts are also fun and relaxing, and they yield great souvenirs for your date night at home. Make his-and-hers shirts in matching patterns or contrasting colors with a tie-dye kit. Better yet, put your creative flair to use with a night of painting where you create each other's portraits. It's a good exercise in truly gazing at your partner with love and seeing their real beauty. Plus, you'll both have great paintings at the end of the night as mementos from the date.

No matter what you decide to do, remember to keep your attention on each other. Keep your phones on silent and hidden away so you can be in the moment with the person you’ve promised to love and cherish in front of God. Get to know each other all over again, either with funny and silly questions for date night or more poignant and tender ones that allow you to open up to each other. Listen to each other’s answers. Be pleasantly surprised by how much you’ve grown as individuals and as a couple through your relationship.

The main ingredient for date night fun is your enthusiasm for each other. Showing your love by deliberately planning a date night at home can already do wonders to strengthen your connection and make romance feel fun and brand-new again.

Enjoy a little help from us

There are plenty of ways to make date nights at home memorable without having to stress over the details, and here's one more way of making each of them unique.

Our best date night boxes are here to give you some help.

DateBox Club is an affordable subscription box for couples that's designed to help deepen the intimacy between partners as they make their relationship a priority and rekindle the spark of romance. From games to activity prompts to DIY sets, each one is filled with fun, simple, and creative ideas to help couples de-stress, laugh, have meaningful conversations, and remember why they fell in love in the first place. The contents keep couples anticipating — and date nights at home exciting.

With DateBox Club delivered right to your door, you simply open the box, be surprised and delighted by the contents, and pick your choice of activities to do together. Everything you’ll ever need for the evening is already there in the date night kit — and you don’t have to break your budget for it.

You can also opt to receive a monthly date night subscription box to ensure you never run out of fun ideas for spending quality time together.

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