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Holiday Charades & Timer $10

Holiday Charades & Timer $10

Holiday DateBox


Holiday Caroling Charades and Timer

Add an EXTRA deck of Caroling Charades with a timer to your holiday order.
Our December 2020 Holiday Box already comes with a deck of Caroling Charades and a timer (see photo in description), but buying another one makes a great extra date night to gift yourself or someone else. 

What are Caroling Charades? If Taboo and Name that Tune had a baby it would be Caroling Charades! Easy to play, a wee bit competitive, and loads of fun for 2 - 8 players. When you're done with charades, you can play it again as a drawing game.

Makes a great stocking stuffer.

Each add-on kit contains:

  • 1 Deck of 52 Caroling Charades Cards
  • Instructions
  • Sand Timer
  • Cards and timer are packaged in a chiffon pouch, and nestled inside the holiday DateBox. Must ship to the same address.