40 Creative Date Nights While You #ShelterInPlace

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These are strange times indeed, currency is measured in TP squares, our calendars are full of Zooms & Hangouts, we’re home schooling, cooking more than ever, and we’re all getting just a tad stir crazy. You’re not alone, we’re ALL there with you (albeit at a socially acceptable distance) and thought we’d bring some fresh date night ideas to the table. With all this craziness, date night doesn't need to slip away.

So let’s get to the good stuff – here are 40 creative date night ideas that you can do to stay connected, and kill the cycle of “cook, zoom, cook, homeschool, cook, emails, pajamas, repeat”.

  1. Plan an evening star gazing (we like Star Walk 2 a lot). Click Here
  2. Work on your couple “selfie game” and post some great pics. Click Here
  3. Discover your Love Languages. Click Here
  4. Be insanely romantic and write your sweetie an official Love Letter – here is the step by step. Click Here
  5. Make a Mix-Tape together and share it with your friends. Click Here
  6. Check in on the animals at the Monterey Bay Aquarium with live cams on penguins, sea otters, jellyfish, and more. Click Here
  7. Check in with your local winery for a virtual wine tasting. Click Here
  8. Leave random love notes around your house. Click Here
  9. Learn some knife skills for free on this mybluprint.com class. Click Here
  10. Read a great book together, check out this great list from Goodreads. Click Here
  11. Take a free dance class together at LearntoDance.com Click Here
  12. Be super hip and learn to make a Dalgona whipped coffee. Click Here
  13. Take Yale’s most popular class ever for free! The Science of Well Being. Click Here
  14. Taking classes in everything from child nutrition to game theory at Stanford, free online. Click Here
  15. Invite friends to watch a movie with you on a Netflix Party. Click Here
  16. Consider fostering a pooch or kitty until the shelters reopen. Click Here
  17. Make it a wine pairing dinner night. Make some tasty bites to nibble & sip - download this free pairing chart. Click Here
  18. Play Cards Against Humanity with your friends online. Click Here
  19. Check in on the Koala Bears at the Lone Pine Sanctuary. Click Here
  20. Don't skip your workout. Check out these 50 free programs to find the right one for you. Click Here
  21. Watch Samuel Jackson on Jimmy Kimmel read his sequel: Stay the F**k at Home. Click Here
  22. Learn to forage your own food. Click Here
  23. Enjoy a free live stream concert. Click Here
  24. Join Glide Church’s non-denominational Sunday Celebration services. Click Here
  25. Order a few new two player games. Click here
  26. Host your own at home beer tasting - Download the free Tasting Guide from @brewersfriend – you can even do this over zoom with friends. Click Here
  27. See what the penguins are up to at the California Academy of Sciences. Click Here
  28. Put an air mattress or comfy blankets on the living room floor and fall asleep watching a movie. Here are of some of our favorite date night movies. Click Here
  29. Learn to doodle with Mo Willems at the Kennedy Center. Click Here
  30. Subscribe to our DateBox Club Newsletter (lower right corner of the website) to get instant access to 50 great conversation starters for you and your partner. Click Here
  31. Shop local, and tag your fav local businesses. They need the support! We love our local Lemon Gift Shop (and they offer free shipping).
  32. Take a museum tour! These 3 famous museums are offering virtual tours. Click Here
  33. Create a silly Panodash together. Click Here
  34. Support your local restaurants by ordering takeout and delivery (and please over tip).
  35. Download our At Home Digital Date for $5 and get a creative date night delivered to your email. Click Here
  36. Watch a documentary together and talk about it. Here is the Top 100 from Rotten Tomatoes. Click Here
  37. Download and play "I Love You" in many languages. Click Here
  38. Create a jigsaw puzzle for free with your own photo, and share it with friends and family to put together! Click Here
  39. Plan a road trip across America. Plan state by state as you complete this puzzle. Also, take a look at our "Road Trip Games for Couples" - so fun for when you actually take that trip!
  40. Blind taste test. Each of you collect some yummy treats like peanut butter, cool whip, pixie sticks, honey, cream cheese, strawberries, etc. Use an eye mask as a blindfold. Take turns bringing out an ingredient.


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