The Five Love Languages: Acts of Service Date Night Ideas

The Five Love Languages: Acts of Service Date Night Ideas

The Five Love Languages are a set of communication styles that people use to express and receive love. These Love Languages include: Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Physical Touch, Acts of Service, and Receiving Gifts. Couples find them helpful because by understanding their partner's love language, they can better understand how to show love and affection in a way that is meaningful to their partner.

Acts of Service is one of the Five Love Languages and it refers to the acts of kindness and helpfulness that a person does for their partner. People who have this as their love language feel loved when their partner takes care of the household tasks, runs errands for them, or helps them out with a project. They don't feel loved when their partner says they will do something and then fails to follow through. They are not impressed with words or grand gestures, they are looking for consistent and thoughtful actions.

10 Creative ways to connect with your partner using the Acts of Service Love Language

  1. Make them breakfast in bed.
  2. Do their laundry or iron their clothes.
  3. Plan a surprise date night.
  4. Run errands for them when they are busy.
  5. Offer to clean the house or do the dishes.
  6. Fill up their car with gas.
  7. Cook their favorite meal for dinner.
  8. Offer to help them with a project or task they have been putting off.
  9. Get up early and make them coffee before they wake up.
  10. Write them a heartfelt note of appreciation for all the things they do for you.

Finding out your Love Language is easy. There are 30 simple questions in the online quiz, and you can take is here. If you download our "Love Language Booklet" for some fun Love Language date night ideas. You can read about the Love Languages, guess each other's, then jump over and take the quiz.  We give you some great ideas to explore, and create experiences around each of your Love Languages.

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