The Five Love Languages: Receiving Gifts, Date Night Ideas

The Five Love Languages: Receiving Gifts, Date Night Ideas

The Five Love Languages, by Gary Chapman, posits that people tend to express and receive love in one of five ways: Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Physical Touch, Acts of Service, and Receiving Gifts. By understanding and identifying these different love languages, couples can communicate and express love in a way that is most meaningful and impactful for their partner. This can lead to a deeper connection and a stronger relationship.

The Receiving Gifts love language is all about the act of giving and receiving physical gifts, big or small, as it’s the thought that counts. People who have the Receiving Gifts Love Language value the sentiment behind the gift and see it as a tangible representation of their partner's love. They appreciate when their partner puts effort into selecting gifts that are thoughtful, creative and personal. They may not appreciate gifts that are impersonal or that are given without much thought.

10 Creative ways to connect with your partner using the Gifts Love Language:

  1. Create a scavenger hunt leading to a small gift
  2. Plan a surprise gift-giving day
  3. Make a homemade gift
  4. Give them a thoughtful, heartfelt card
  5. Give them a photo album of your memories together
  6. Buy a personalized item
  7. Give them a plant or flowers
  8. Make a coupon book of things you will do for them
  9. Make a special meal or treat just for them
  10. Give them a small thoughtful gifts every day for a week

By giving thoughtful and heartfelt gifts, couples can communicate love and affection in a tangible way which can bring joy and warmth to their partner. The act of giving and receiving gifts can also create memories and strengthen the relationship.

Finding out your Love Language is easy. There are 30 simple questions in the online quiz, and you can take is here. If you download our "Love Language Booklet" for some fun Love Language date night ideas. You can read about the Love Languages, guess each other's, then jump over and take the quiz.  We give you some great ideas to explore, and create experiences around each of your Love Languages.

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